i still say jason derulo got in the door when chris brown fell off that one time.
don’t sleep on him tho.
he got loyal fans and i think he’s a pretty good dancer:

he had ( x some of the best tiktoks ) when the pandemic first happened too.
don’t you dare ever call him another r&b singing wolf cause he will put the paws to ya tho.
he fought not 1 but 2 dudes in vegas for calling him usher via tmz

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ… cops were called to the ARIA hotel during the early hours of Tuesday morning after Derulo threw fists with the men.

Eyewitnesses tell us Derulo and one of the men were passing each other on an escalator when the guy seemed to troll Derulo by yelling, “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!!!” That’s when Derulo got pissed and punched him right in the face, sending the dude to the floor.

It didn’t end there … Jason allegedly also slapped the second guy moments later, and security had to step in to break up the scrum. You can see part of the fight in the video … even though Jason was walking with a large dude, perhaps his bodyguard … he still charged directly at the guys after the Usher line.

At the time, the 2 victims did not want to press charges, but there’s always the possibility of a lawsuit. Either way, they have up to one year to change their minds and move forward with charges. Jason did get a trespassing notice from ARIA, and was removed from the property.

excuse me…
they ordered and jason pulled tf up.
i bet they won’t leave a tip after those hot knuckle sammiches.

in my head,
i don’t think it was being called “usher” that insulted him.
although usher had a residency in vegas and they do have similar haircuts rn:


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usher is a legend and opened the door for these folks.
i might have been the obvious trolling that might have set jason off.
i guess this tiktok of his could be applied to this situation:

@jasonderuloThank god for surgery, my eyebrow’s back ????♬ Lpb Poody – Address It – ????????????????????????✨

i don’t know if i’ve been quarantined for so long but jason is kinda sexy.
is jason kinda sexy?

those big arms and that alleged big meat will be added to the evidence report too.
( x see it here )

article cc: tmz


  1. Yeah the video showed the two guys antagonizing him until him and security had to intervene. Jason did knock one out but they were setting and baiting him into a fight and they got what they ordered.

  2. Beautiful brotha. I wish he’d think twice, though, about exploding like that because though the White boys appeared to provoke him he could lose a lot catching an assault charge or worse if they press charges. Just curse them out and then if they lay a hand on you, lay them TF out.

  3. I’m here for it. Both dudes were talking shit and acting bad, but JD put them mf paws on ’em. Hit ’em with an 8-count 2-piece! Boom Kat!!! 💥 🕺🏽👊🏽

    1. That part.

      He also does absolutely nothing for me.

      Usher, on the other hand could have me holding an umbrella over him in the rain lol

  4. Why the “kinda sexy” when you know he is. 😆 Just call the man what he is: SEXY. 😂

      1. You got to stand firm in what you feel and believe about something or someone regardless of how others may perceive that something or someone. 😆

  5. This
    Man is stupid cute and attractive. Who makes a baby that comes out that perfect. He reminds me of the cute high school friend who is so nice and sexy but isn’t stuck up at all and you just fall crazy in love with him.
    I would just settle for a pair of his drawers after he pulls rm off. To think Jordin Sparks had all that body in and on and around her.

    1. ^^^^ .. I love your description. I too think he is the “Bee’s Knees'” [ Google it , but beware of all the Ads that will show up ] lmao!

    2. He is a very attractive dude. He is also very talented. He could’ve easily filled the void left by Chris Brown & Usher if he had the right folks behind him and they knew how to market him.

  6. Its not just you he’s kind of that Safaree type of dude. Really really attractive meat is HUGE and he has moments when he’s funny but extremely corny almost annoyingly so. He’s hot though at least

      1. Lol…. They’re quite a passionate bunch and that’s putting it lightly. I’ve dealt with a few Haitians from south Florida and listen…………….

    1. EXACTLY! Which is a reason to stay FAR FAR AWAY!!! He’s cute now…until he gets old, fat, and physically and verbally abusive. You all can have that mess!

        1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣You don’t have to take them off completely, just proceed with caution! If you need specific details hmu lol

        2. It’s the machismo that goes to their heads. Many feel they are God’s gift to the world and that any woman (and/or man) they have an ounce of attraction to should fall and worship at their feet. Yea a lot of them are handsome when they’re young, have stupid thick dicks and/or fat tails but can’t fuck and usually get sloppy fat! Now don’t get me wrong, I love myself a thick man too, but the minute it gets sloppy and borderline unhygienic it’s just nasty. Dick and ass can only go so far–when you hit your 30s you realize that handsome-fat-tailed-thick-dicked ain’t enough. You need some form of substance in a “friend”/boyfriend/husband/or life partner who’s actually going to give a damn about more than you alone pleasing him visually or sexually. Reciprocity! Look at how he did Jordin Sparks. Now she ain’t Whitney (and she did SOOOOO much better after him), but he definitely did her dirrrrrrty!! So my advice is as a general rule to stay clear of Haitian men if you want to stay out of drama and keep your sanity.

        3. yeah, like most dudes (not all) from them caribbean countries/islands…tread lightly. Some of them mofos are crazy AF! Seen that shyt firsthand.
          Craziest incident…My neighbor caught his wife/girlfriend cheating on him and went after the dude with a machete. Not a pretty sight.

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