Work Wolf Comes With An Apology and Wet Tissue

tumblr_mqi06tGEJJ1robvsdo1_500i was all set not to speak today.
well i wasn’t going to be rude,
but hell,
i think he passed that with the “no text” on sunday.
when i got in the office,
he walked past me and said,

“hey wassup”

i followed it up with a…


tumblr_m4v2p7RcVL1qczbido1_500it was a very below freezing temperature kind of “hey”.
did not look his direction.
i just walked over to my desk and sat down.

hour went by.
no usual text.

i continued working.
i hope he wasn’t mad at me because he fucked up?
so as i was walking to the bathroom,
i was in the middle of texting left.
he was updating me on his heart and just random convo.
when i looked,
i saw him walking towards me with two of his colleagues.
i paid him no attention.
as soon as i got back to my desk:

“good morning jamari”

i had to finish up some paper work so i texted him back 20 minutes later.

“morning work wolf”

he instantly replied:

“how was the weekend?
i didn’t have the cook out
i got your text tho
i’m sorry i didn’t reply sooner
i had some stuff going on”

so then i followed tajan’s advice from the last comment:

“damn i forgot all about that!
i got invited to another cookout.
this dude i know hit me up about it.”

you had fun?”

“yeah it was cool.
mi and i had a good time”

i know.
i lied.
tumblr_naqm4c56Or1qjqxmoo1_500sue me.
well after that,
he texted me during the day as usual.
i kept it short.

when i was standing in the hall waiting for the elevator,
i felt this wet thing hit the back of my head.
it was wet tissue curled up in a ball.
when i looked to see who threw it,
i saw work wolf walked past me smiling.
he has been extra playful lately.
i guess he is comfortable with me.
well i didn’t pick it up.
i left it right there.

“lmao,” he texted shortly after.

“dumb ass,” i replied.

so i guess things are back to normal?
well no.
he told me starting next week,
liar liar and him are working on some assignment together.
tumblr_mgzm8cmfHZ1s3ljwjo1_500when i read that shit,
i felt my eyes roll in the back of my head.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Work Wolf Comes With An Apology and Wet Tissue”

  1. Lol , don’t worry I lie like that all the time to my “wolf that I’m trying to see as a friend and not a crush” too. I just don’t want him thinking my life revolves around him, so I get it you’ll get no judgements here.

    Ugh this assisgment he has with liar liar is def going to cause something, especially since he told you he’s trying to locket hit that. I say when they start that assignment starts you keep the convo on other things don’t even ask how it’s going (I know that seems petty but I don’t know if you’re be ready to hear some “oh we got freaky” type shit from him).

  2. What does he see in Liar Liar? Oh wait, her pussy. She must clean her pussy real good because that shit is used and filled with cum. I’m surprised he hasn’t complain to that it stinks down there yet.

  3. Proud of you for playing it cool, even though you told a white lie.

    I hope that tissue wasn’t dirty. SMH

  4. You call him” work wolf”?
    I thought wolf and fox were slang words like bear,cub,twink otter,etc used to describe men who have sex with men.I have never heard the term used by non gay/bi or gay friendly people.

      1. Oh I know you do ,but I thought you only used that term on this blog,like you only use hybrid,Fox,jackal etc.I just have never heard a straight man directly address another straight man with the term wolf.So I was taken aback when I read it.Now I know you use these terms offline.

      2. I was wondering if you told him that white lie would he appear to be jealous. Did he seem jealous?
        IDK what to gather from this relationship. I mean he hasn’t asked you about your personal life however he talks freely about his. Also I don’t know to many straight guys who seek another guys attention like it seems he seeks yours. I mean he said he doesn’t have many friends that might be it but IDK. Do you ever think you may figure this relationship out definitively.

        1. ^it was on texts so i couldn’t tell.
          he tends to get quiet when i say i’m going somewhere with “someone”.
          if i keep it ambiguous,
          he tends to pull back.
          i don’t know what to think of this relationship tbh.
          i never dealt with a wolf like this.
          even platonic friends.

      3. So are you going to play it cool and wait for him to confirm one way or the other or do you plan on being a little foxy and probing a little to speed things up what ever that may be?

  5. Not sure about the little white lie, it just seems so “high school mindgames” to me. I just don’t see the need for it. But I guess from time to time its no big deal.

    So idk…let it slide? I’m not sure if I believe him, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is.
    Still pretty rude though.

  6. Hey J, glad you keeping him guessing and letting him know you have a life and other options, nothing wrong with that, he knew he was wrong for that, and who is to say that he did not lie about not having the cookout. Now I do believe he really likes you on a deeper level. Dudes who feel some kind of way about you act just like this especially these str8 ambiguous dudes, just fall back a little from him because that was not cool at all, but I see with this one he is going to make it up to you. He might not like you on a sexual level but he likes you, the spit ball said it all LoL. Just stay un-bothered about it all be cordial, hell ask him what he got up for July 4th. I can tell this one is not going to let you off the hook that easy.

  7. This is giving me a headache. STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH DUDES AT WORK. It will end up being nothing but drama. Go date somebody outside of work. Uggghhh! You are not a kid. Wise up and use your energy more wisely. Time goes by quicker than you think.

  8. You know some shit might pop off when Work Wolf and Liar Liar get together SO just watch yourself. Like Mikey was saying IF you can be cordial that’s fine I wouldnt tell them any of my business! You know Liar Liar got it out for you so just be careful Jamari. I had to learn this lesson too so just trying to warn you. I know youre going to do you but if I can try I WILL lol.

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