food-066one of my readers loves you all very much.
well the wolves and hybrids.
he wanted to spread the love.
just like these various cheeks below…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: f0xmail CHEEKS PLATTER (167)”

  1. The one with the dreds and i were following eachother on IG, and I had to unfollow him because every.single.pic. Was a pic of him saggin and showing his ass. He was so obviously a queen. Saggin is a sexy thing when it’s TASTEFULLY done, and it’s most sexiest when it isn’t done on purpose. It looks natural you know, and these niggas just sit and fall for some nigga showing his ass on purpose for attention. But hey maybe if I purposely show my cakes ill get more followers, this generation man. Mind you my cakes are way bigger.

    1. Hi Run, send his IG or leak your cheeks! 😉 or privately email me a little sumthin’ sumthin’ the thirst is real lol

      1. Lol, @mytruth boy stop! I am gonna try and find him for u. It was Godzilla something I think. Shit if I’m not careful my cheeks might be on here soon. Everyone is so camera happy now.

    2. ^oh god.
      one of “them”.
      i like the saggers who sag because they ass is too fat and they have no choice than to lower their jeans down a little.
      not the “down to their knees” dust bunnies you see in the hood.
      the obvious saggers try way to hard to be sexy.

      1. Honestly, that’s kinda how it is for me. I recently lost 25 lbs and all my pants sag so I have to wear a belt now and lower my pants. I love my cakes, only thing I don’t like is that they are so firm they don’t really jiggle the way I’d like lol.

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