*contains spoilers

i’ve imagined this is how older closeted males get when they are fed tf up.
they hate their families and the “straight” lives they chose.
i’m talking about the ain’t shit ones like cal jacobs,
played by eric dane,
from euphoria.

on last night’s episode,
he left my mouth wide TF open when he came home drunk as shit.
when i font you that i wasn’t ready for that dragging he ensued on them…

i’m bald.

mind you,
he had his whole dick out after peeing on their floor.
that jackal said he will fuck males,
and will have a mighty fine time doing it.
he even called out the wife’s cheating and the other son’s porn history.
he told the son he fucked a male the day she told him she was pregnant.
i was like this muthafucka woke up and chose violence.

I hope they explain who the 3rd boy in the Jacobs family portrait is.

i have a feeling cal will die tho.
where else can his story even go after this?

this is the reality and shame for many closeted males tho.
it’s sad for the ones who had to put up a unified straight front,
but their true love was some male they had to banish.
when they get older,
they start rebelling and cheating with other males.
the wives usually know but turned the other cheek from the truth.
the kids be all kinds of fucked up or will be fucked up when the truth is out.
we have dealt with the married closeted males and how they move.
we don’t talk or font about enough.

lowkey: even tho she was a whole mess last night,
this shot with cassie tho…

i feel there is some kind of symbology with this shot.
the whole episode was one big symbol tbh.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m not gonna lie, I hate this man but last weeks episode made me feel slightly bad for him. Him and his best friend coming to terms with their sexuality before going off to college in a undercover gay bar in a time where being gay was difficult slightly made me feel bad for him. Like him crying during the news she was pregnant in bed after probably the best night of his life almost made me shed a single tear. Then I remembered I don’t like that MF 😂

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