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i love this picture of odell beckham jr.
heart eyes city.
we go from flash brown to odell.
it’s never a dull moment in the foxhole.
you know what i really appreciate?

The number of males in the foxhole who were there for me during my times in need.

males are taught to eat,
and fuck.
anything else is “soft” or “gay” even with some gays too.
i’ve been one that most males came to when they needed advice or a shoulder.
they weren’t strong to defend me when i needed them.
i loved this moment between odell beckham jr and deebo samuels.
odell plays for the rams and deebo plays for the 49ers.
after the 49ers lost,
deebo was crying on the bench.
this is what odell did


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when i lost my last job,
at my going away shindig,
one of the straight wolves literally hugged me when i was emotional.
it wasn’t the dap hug combo but a real hug.
he was someone i have a lot of respect for at that place.
it showed me it’s okay for straight males to show they care.

i’m not fonting that these two are gay in this entry at all.
i am fonting that it was nice to see odell showing deebo empathy as he cried.
usually we see baller wolves crying alone on the sidelines.
for someone from the opposing team to come over and comfort tho…
we need to see more examples of this than toxic masculinity.
more males are struggling in these difficult times more than ever.

lowkey: odell is everything…

i love him with black hair back because it looks so good on him.

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  1. O’Dell seems to be a man secure in who he is, so he doesn’t need to pretend he’s something that he’s not.

  2. Yeah Odell knows what it feels like being so close & not making it, A whole nother year is a long time and football players have “expiration” dates unfortunately, but I’m excited Odell has made it to his first Super Bowl!!!

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