in my den,
i have seen many jackals males i know mourning kevin samuels.
what i’ve noticed about many of them…

They all have similar traits and energy.

they think their dicks are covered in platinum,
their dating lives are in shambles,
they are all stuntin’ for social media,
and they think they are a prize to be had.
not only that:

I have witnessed a majority of them disrespect a black woman(s)

so when i see the type of males that are sad about kevin’s passing…

It’s not surprising to me to low hanging fruit of our community are distraught.

don’t even get me started on the females who claim he changed them.
he made you go to the gym?

my biggest gripe was him disrespecting black women in white spaces.
that was the worst because he never had smoke for white vixens.
these types never do.
the thing is that kevin samuels wasn’t who he claimed to be either.
his claim to fame was that he was a high-value male,
but like a true scammer,
he was living a completely different life behind the scenes.
there are rumors he didn’t have his own crib,
he wasn’t seeing his kid,
and the kicker of it all…

He died in a low-value situation

bad enough he passed away and his mother found out via social media.
there is a lot to learn here.
many of us love to act like we are God’s gift but when we die,
we die alone and without the images that we upheld on social media.
some of us would rather pretend for social media than be it.

The energy we put out on Earth comes back to us in some way or another.

you act like an asshole; you’ll be treated like one when you die.
we didn’t lose a hero in kevin samuels.

We learned a lesson.

lowkey: the only time i gave props to kevin was on clubhouse.
when that video of him disrespecting that sista came out,
clubhouse was poppin’ with conversations about him.
everyone in the room was saying what they would say when they got him in there.
when he came into that room unexpectedly,
everyone got quiet af.
the one person who confronted him got checked so hard by him.
he made her look like a complete fool as she talked in circles.

when he left,
everyone silently left the room.
it was so embarrassing for them but he gave me life in that moment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. In my decade on Twitter, I have never seen this kind of reaction to a non-celebrity death as I have his. He has everyone talking about his death. Black Women are being accused of being mean and cruel and celebrating his death, I have not seen but a few tweets actually celebrating his death, most Black women seem not to care but of course the Hoteps and Fukk Boy Coalition are trying to paint this negative narrative against Black women that they are mad he called them fat and trash. It is ironic that he called Black Women out of shape and unhealthy and he died in such an unhealthy fashion. I am sure the Big Girls are out eating Crab Legs and not giving a damn he is dead. Judging by Twitter responses he had a lot of fans, who knew. I didnt think he was that well known but I guess he was. I cant see how people expect you to have sympathy for someone who degraded you day in and day out. The woman he was with when he died, was allegedly overweight, also hearing that drugs may have been involved, just a messy situation all around. So much of what people in these social media streets present is just make believe, they never really live like they want us to believe. I will not be surprised in the least if the family ask for money to help cover the funeral expenses. You really have to take all these people who peddle advice with a grain of salt, they just tell a group what they want to hear at any given moment for a dollar from Oprah, Steve Harvey, Inyanla on down the food chain. Most of if not all of the people who peddle advice have nasty ways behind the scenes and dont follow their own advice and Mr. Samuels seems like he was no different. His death left him wide open to the kind of scrutiny he used to throw on others. I am sure a BET movie or documentary is just around the corner.

  2. I’ve only heard of him, and I don’t know any women who they made moist. So not sure why Black women went to him.

    He gave snooty gay best friend.

    The last person Black women need to go to for advice…is a Black man with 2 failed marriages.

    If he is high-value with 2 divorces, how is a Black woman who isn’t married and has no children by 35, “leftovers”?

    Delusional douchebag.

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