When We Role Play… (5)

this is for you.

Your associate decides to have a game night at his spot.
He is not your friend, but someone you know mutually through your best friend.
Your friend could not make it so you were rolling dolo.
You get to the spot and it is a couple’s thing.
You have no one so you are the third wheel.

After a fun night of drinking, your associate is passed out on his bed DRUNK.
He is notorious for his drinking problem.
You and his man decide to clean up his apartment….
….when his man decides to reveal a few secrets.

He tells you that the relationship isn’t working.
He found out your associate is secretly talking to someone he met on BGC.
He also revealed to you that he has been interested in you ever since he saw you.

He didn’t know how to tell you in fear of offending you.
He also wants to break up with him and get to know you.
He then tries to kiss you….

BTW, he looks like this…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (5)”

  1. Well you need to end it with your boyfriend if you not happy. Im going to feel weird even pursuing anything with you. Im flattered you interested in me but im sorry. We can be friends:-)

  2. I would let him know how flattered I am… However one, I’m not going to disrespect this man in his house, and neither should you..and two, if that’s how you feel you need to do something bout that! And hollar at me once you get your life together… Then I’d grab his dick wink at him get my keys and leave!

  3. Well back in the day before I got saved(LOL) a friend of mine brought his new dude to meet me. Well the new dude took a interest in me, at the time, I didnt catch it, but he doubled back over to my house to leave me a message. Well I did kick it with this dude and it turned out to be a nightmare. The shit blowed up in my face rightfully so; I will never do know scandalous shit like this, but I was younger and you live and learn. My homeboy was actually cool and got a big kick out of Karma kicking me in my ass. The dude ending up cheating on me, but what could I say, his character was questionable. When people tell you to leave this type of shit alone please listen, because the same way you caught them will be the same way you will lose them.

  4. I would have to agree with the fellas…thanks for the consideration of having me as your rebound piece of ass because you’re too much of a bitch to end it with your boy..I’d be flattered but at the same time, offended and taken back. Sometimes, you have to look beyond a quick/long fuck and beauty because this person could simply be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  5. Since this isn’t my FRIEND then he’s up for grabs. The issue being that he’d need half the time he was in the relationship to get over his ex (if and when they do break up) before he comes and tries to pursue anything with me further.

  6. Wana be respectable and tell him maybe another time and place. Also tell him I’m no home wrecked so if he wants to talk he can’t double dip. Once all that is taken care of do the usual pre game things we all do. See if we’re compatible, if he likes sports, is he a crazy stalker then go from there

  7. He’d have to ease off & end things before we could even consider dating. If you’ll step to me while seeing someone else, what makes me think you won’t step to another kat if we get together? My associate will deal…I’m not worried about him

  8. Not being a Fox, its difficult to answer, but my first response is to tell him to go to hell. He’s like a monkey, going from branch to branch.

    And what’s that about ‘cleaning’ some drunks apartment? I don’t think so.

  9. If he tried to kiss me while his boyfriend was passed out drunk on the couch, I would turn my head away. If you’re dude is talking to someone else online, the last thing you need to be doing is pushing up on me. Handle your break-up and get at me in 6 months.

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