MEAT (84)

… my entire type right here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT (84)”

  1. See he ain’t the cutest, but he gotta nice body and I bet an equally nice personality, and I bet he got an alright dick game to! I would lock that right on down..

        1. ^look at him when he is wiping himself down with a towel.
          I bet when you touch his pecs and abs it feels so solid…


          Y’all haven’t felt nothing than feeling up on a mofo with a build like that.

      1. Ok, now that I’ve gotten the full pn view of that face…..he’s handsome.. And has the prettiest nose…I have a thing for noses..I would let him be my main, most definitely!

      1. I think its the fantasy of it all maybe? I dunno. is marketed to white men so perhaps its something they like. Personally, if its in a gym and it isn’t exhibitionism… It doesnt do much for me.

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