When The Straight Wolves Are Mad At The Foxhole


i just saw that on my tumblr and had to like it.
i come into the same problem and…

it leaves me baffled.

How did these straight wolves even find out about the foxhole anyway?

you’ll be surprised who lurks round my parts.
my issue is getting mad that they’re being featured.

Isn’t publicity the ultimate goal?

…or are they just putting up pictures “for vixens only”?


they know they get a hard on when i post about em.
cut it out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When The Straight Wolves Are Mad At The Foxhole

  1. These musclebound dickheads know that men check their pics out too and honestly most women, especially black women either up with a skinny, stocky or average brotha. The avg sista isnt looking for an adonis. Lastly if you’re truly an artist about your bread they’d capitalize off of the gay community as well. Many of these wolves are bi and gay and lash out on other gay men for being comfortable in themselves and for having the strength to be different

    1. Agreed…the whole gym experience is different than other typical alpha male physical outlets…if you’re a dude who plays pick up bball or fball, your goal is to improve your shooting or tackling skills or whatever. ..you’re comparing yourself not to how others look on the court, but what they do. …for us muscleheads, is mainly about vanity: lookin good in your clothes/being more “attractive”, becoming people’s online desire with only the added benefit of better health and all that jazz….and you’re comparing yourself to others all the time…like u see someone with built legs/ass and you scope him on the gym floor as to what types of exercises he executes…you can’t help but look and observe cause that’s the nature of sport…….with all that said, I can see how that type of environment could unleash the curiosities of str8 wolf, even if they’ve never honed in on them before…..and they may never act on them…

  2. I’ve said it before but if you google a lot of the guys you have mentioned on here your site is one of (if not only) result that pops up for them. Giving them the attention they wanted when they post their half naked pic online from the get go.

    You don’t get to pick and choose who finds you attractive in real life or when you post an attention seeking photo online. Once it’s online it’s up for public consumption.

    Anytime you do a entry about one of these pineapples you always list their stats stating then as straight in a bright red color so everyone knows . You give that respect to them if they can’t deal it’s on them. As many male attentionistos have learned in the past you lash out on your gay fans and your surge in popularity starts to go down.

    1. ^ive been told those wandered into the foxhole googling some attentionisto and i popped up.
      they became foxholers through that.
      who knew the attentionistos get their publicity and i get new readers!

  3. Honestly, I have no idea who these z-list celebrities are anyway. I mean if they’re not on some ratchet TV show on VH1 or being on MTV getting catfished or dating some A-List celebrity then I have no clue until someone starts saying their name as if they’re Beyonce. (Dallas “Flashman” Wade, Steven Beck, Cross Thompson, Keston Karter, George Hill, etc.) I mean who else would know about them? The gay community who are celebrating them. Me I have no clue at all. So I’m really unbothered about how they feel about them.

  4. These guys can talk all the shyt that they want…they KNOW dudes are checking for them just as much as some females, even though some females will tell you that it’s a turn off. The explosion of eggplant pics on Instagram is annoying as fuck, even to me. LOL
    It’s like damn, do you have anything else to offer other than the size of your dick?! Yeah you got a nice size on you but that’s only going to take you so far, before the next one comes along and takes your place.

  5. If you don’t want people to look a your dick pics don’t post them or better don’t take pics of you dick, that’s simple. I mean they can’t have it both ways. You want publicity and you want to choose what kind of publicity? Bitch GTFO!!! And tbh I don’t think straight women like those kind of pics, they always say it’s suspect lol. seriously all my female friends always tell me a leaked pic or a sextape ok, but a staged amateur photoshoot of your muscles, ass, dick… hell no. Only gay people want that.

    Just like guys with big fat ass, oversagging with thight white (ou another color that shows your asset) trunk or losse bower that let your ass bounces every step, who gets mad at gays for lurking at them. WHO YOUR ASS IS OUT FOR????

    If you’re exposing it and it looks good, be sure i’m looking at it. Now you can stay mad or enjoy the little attention i’m giving you.

  6. To be honest, these men can find many of the blogs they are featured on through a simple google search of themselves, meaning that SOME (not all) of the men that stumble across gay blogs do not necessarily have to be lurking on the blogs. We know for a fact a lot of these men crave and enjoy the attention, but I believe they just do not want other people to think they are gay. Let’s be honest, even gay men have the habit of making it seem as if a supposedly straight man may like men because he is not homophobic or supports the plight of the LGBT community.

    1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. They find these sites because they probably Google themselves and these blogs are the only things that pop up pertaining to them LOL

      1. Because they’re Z-List Celebrities. Barely making it on the list. Barely getting any gigs. Barely being featured on a song or video. Just barely.

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