Baby, Can You Wear The Uniform To Bed?

tumblr_og4xq2pscy1rdsjxco1_540i’ve been told not to fuck around with a police wolf,
but lord knows i love a wolf in uniform.
plus he can erase parking tickets.
well i don’t know who ^that is…


i’d want him to keep that uniform on all the time.

lowkey: i saw this latino cop wolf a couple weeks ago.
when i say he was fine as fuck?
every vixen was trying to talk to him in the train station.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Baby, Can You Wear The Uniform To Bed?”

  1. I think you have posted him on here before. He is a definitely a BBM (beautiful black man). You can tell he’s pretty much fresh out of the police academy. He looks so young.

  2. Nothing like a man in uniform. I notice alot of fine brothas who are cops here in Philly. Soon as id seen this i began hearing Lil Wayne ‘Ms Officer’ in my head lol

  3. Many of these guys come from the service or government agencies. I always had fantasies of being detained by an office, either for speeding or just looking good at a bus stop. I’ve heard some stories of there being DL officers on the league or getting action behind the seats. Got me wondering where can i find one?

    1. ^Yes there are DL cops on police forces, but fucking with cops can REALLY come back to haunt you.
      They are VERY, and I mean VERY serious about keeping their activity on the low, whether it’s messing with dudes or females. Tread very carefully when messing with a cop.

      1. I have to agree with Christian. Be careful with DL Cops, dated one for a year once it was a terrible experience. Never again!! They are a different bread of people.

  4. I’ll just state this: In MY city, many police, fire & EMS workers do DL stuff; they also have high instances of STDs. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

  5. When I first saw him, I was like you could lock me up everytime!! I follow his sexy ass on IG and he got other uniform pics on there.

    He goes by the name of badtxter on IG.

    1. You have to be so careful dating a man that can legally carry a firearm 24/7. I can tell you first hand that most Police Officer are CRAZY! No I havent dated one but I am friends with a few and they have a very different mentality than the rest of us and did I say they are CRAZY-just in case you missed it. A very good friend of mine had her Officer boyfriend pull a gun and put it to her head and threaten to blow her brains out when he became upset with her, it took her a minute but she finally was able to get away from his ass. These types of stories are all too familiar, just google Drew Peterson if you need further evidence. There are a lot of good looking dudes on the force but just hook up and keep it moving if you must have a taste of the Law LOL.

      1. ^@Tajan…co-sign! A lot of those guys get past the psychological part and you have to wonder HOW?!! They are bat-shit crazy and putting a gun in their hand only amplifies the situation. They think they are above the law and they can be possessive/obsessive as hell. Did I mention they can be bat-shit crazy?!

        If you are dealing with one, keep it at a smash and dash level. That’s a relationship that is not going to be stable. If he/she has a sidechick/dude, that’s a problem. If you have a sidechick/dude, that’s a problem. They will want to be able to do whatever they want, but you can’t. Ask questions, that’s a problem. They have to be in control of the relationship. All the power must be with them.

        1. ^damn!

          that sounds scary!!!!
          it sounds like you’d be a prisoner to all kinds of abuse.
          hell naw.
          good sex will somehow have him stuck with you too.
          it all sounds like a story for the id channel.

      2. ^i just read that drew peterson story and im turned completely off.
        that vixen was never found.
        i don’t even know if id hook up with one after all of these warnings.
        where there is smoke,
        there is definitely a forest fire.

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