When Not Giving A Fuck Face Fucks You Hard

/the following entry has VERY explicit content.
viewer discretion is highly advised.

so to piggyback off that last entry,
( x “what the fuck-er” ),
one of the foxholers sent me in something in regards to it.
everyone wanted to aspire to be like aralyia aka “dikasukka”.
remember him?
( x see his work )
sidebar: i’m so sad his main site is now down.
he had some videos i wanted to see.
it seemed like a slew of dick sukkers popped up to leave their marks.
well this one hyena did just that.
he decided to upload himself in a few videos suckin’ dick,
but he uploaded one that got the attention of many.
he was getting savagely face fucked by some pre baller wolf.
this is the video for your review

i know.
the alleged pre baller wolf.
you see his bawdy?

well allegedly,
that video was seen by someone,
who sent it to someone,
and ultimately his place of work got it.
the hyena allegedly lost his job and other things he had going on.
even one of the comments on myvidster addressed the issue:

if you notice,
his face is in full display,
while the pre baller wolf is barely even in the shot.


there are a slew of new “i’m naked/hear me roar” exhibitionists online.
baiting and amateur sex tapes are at an all time high.
you don’t know who is lurking and will find your shit.
you may be jobless now,
but you never know what the future might bring.
this is where i give a fuck.
you should as well.don’t get me wrong,
i love to watch a good amateur sex tape,
but always upload at your own risk.
celebs and baller wolves can get away with it.
they actually profit from their dirty laundry.
you who works at the bank or a receptionist gig…
hr departments love finding your dirty laundry to use against you.
that hyena allegedly was the example for all of us.

lowkey: like many dl males,
i’m sure his vixen wasn’t going to get roughly face fucked like that.
who they always come to?

video taken: myvidster

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When Not Giving A Fuck Face Fucks You Hard”

  1. Yes he does lol. But seriously, it is important to be careful. Nothing wrong with engaging in such activities, but not on camera. Some of these guys tape you without your knowledge, so we gotta move carefully.

  2. First, I do have this video saved on the Hub.

    Interesting how this goes hand in hand with my response on “outing”. You hit it on the head with the more aggressive wolves coming to foxes for relief when the vixens either can’t or won’t do “it” like they like.

    When fooling around with dl, pre-baller, and (one) baller wolves, I make them tell me what they want. I have been accused of taking advantage….puhlease….. I also asked them why me or a dude period. The most common responses were/are their girls don’t give head, their girls can’t deep throat or their girls won’t let them beat it up like they want.

    One thing you won’t ever see is me online having sex unless I’m cast in a major motion picture or TV show. That’s why phones are in pockets when clothes come off, and I make them come to me to avoid hidden camera issues.

    If I was the dude that got terminated, I would sue the hell out of my former employers if they cited this video as the reason for my termination unless there was some kind of morality clause in my employment contract. This video is at least two years old, and it’s only 20 minutes long. Sounds pettily shady to me…

  3. In most states you can be fired “at will”–meaning for any reason or no reason but not for a bad (prohibited) reason. In many states you can be fired for being gay. And the proof of his homosexuality is that he’s on tape sucking another man’s dick.

  4. Brothers, Dean makes a serious point. Despite marriage equality being the law of the land, you can still get fired in many states, especially the red ones for simply being gay. And, keep in mind Republicans now control 32 state legislatures and, now that they will have the House, Senate and the White House, they are planning on being on a roll with federal measures. Bottom line: use the head on your shoulders; don’t get so caught up that you allow yourself to get set up.

  5. many companies have what they call a moral clause so if youre saying derogatory things on social media about folks, on certain websites, etc you can lose your job. If i do a sextape my face will be covered

  6. Dumb!

    I’ve never gotten why people have to record themselves.

    That tape might just follow him the rest of his life. He’ll never get a government job.

  7. Well he was caught out there…..The player from Jackson State has something that Identifies him as well….His tats and anyone who knows football would know he is a WR #8…..You just go to the roster and his instagram and boom…..Bodytype, Skin tone , JSU summer workout pictures…….

    1. I been trying to narrow it down…..I think it’s this dude, Derrick Bobo the tats, heights, skin complexion all match up. Plus this guy a DB with the body frame of this guy in the video. If it happened 2 years ago, dude is a senior now. As it stated on the roster.

  8. “At-Will” states (most of them Southern, go figure) can be sued if they give a reason that is not mentioned anywhere in their human resources info. A leaked personal video can fought if you have the time or resources. “At-Will” technically means they say “We no longer need your services”; anything else has to something specifically mentioned or listed among action that can or will result in termination.

    This does not mean you should not be careful, but just like we have to be mindful of words and actions, so do they!

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