When A Gospel Great Lends Her Scalp For A Dragging

gospel great,
shirley ceasar,
gained some popularity with her thanksgiving memes.
now tho…
she is on the way too being banished.
so she defend kim burrell for her recent statements on gays.
at a sermon at first baptist church of glenarden in maryland,
shirley had this to say…


“you (kim burrell) should’ve said something 4 years ago when our president made that stuff alright”

it’s interesting how she says that.
i heard rumors that she allegedly use to partake in that “stuff”.
i love when homophobe hyenas allegedly forget their past indiscretions.
as soon as someone reminds them,
because you know the forests love to talk,
suddenly it’s “hiding in a cave until the dragging blows over”.
it’s always funny how that works.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “When A Gospel Great Lends Her Scalp For A Dragging”

  1. Banished to where though?

    Gays reading her on social media is not going to affect her.

    Tithes will still be paid, membership will still be poppin, and the choir stand will still have their zesty director.

    Some of ya’ll seem to think Kim Burell and PASTOR Shirley Caesar are pop stars. They’re not and have no desire to be obviously.

    They’re not offending their core audience lol

    1. Little do people know, their core audience has the same thoughts they do. Are people really expecting church people to accept gays? I am confused.

      1. ^some pastors are accepting of gays tho.
        some mega church pastors don’t condemn like others.
        so it’s a toss up of finding a church home that has a pastor that will respect you.

      2. Right. That will NEVER happen. People are so steadfast in their beliefs and refuse to believe the world can be any other way.

      1. They won’t go anywhere.

        All the gays up in arms about this aren’t even religious so why do you even care? The ones that are religious wouldn’t even take a church with a gay pastor geared towards LGBT seriously.

        It’s that “everyone has to accept me so I can feel good about myself” mind set.

        If you’re so unbothered, secure in your sexuality, don’t believe in God, hate religion, don’t believe in the bible because it was written by man, don’t believe in women pastors Y.U. Mad?


    2. It’s not about being mad at what Miss Piggy said (i don’t think shirley ceasar was defending her, more like pointing the obvious), it’s about consistency, if you despise me so much, don’t take my money. People were not mad at here for what she said, it’s not the first time a chruch person says things like that, people were mad because she’s a hypocrite. How you gonna say gay are perverts but you made a song with Frank Ocean and wanna go to the Ellen show??? No ma’m, life is not that easy. Kim Burell wants more than her core audience money, but you can’t have that and be a bigot, you can’t have it both ways, choose your corner.

      It’s not “everyone has to accept me so I can feel good about myself” it’s “if you don’t accept me, fine, don’t accept me and don’t accept my money”.

      1. And not to mention that gay people still care (not everybody, but the one’s that are “dragging” her on the socials because THEY THEMSELVES are being referenced or misrepresented as x,y, and or z. And it got put online so, yeah, they have have a right to say something about her. If she has her “opinions” and wants to share it to the world, she should be ready for any potential consequences that comes with it. Perhaps, people should learn to discern which opinions are for the world to hear, and which ones are just for niche ears. but they won’t do that, so the opposing parties will continue to be mad. Should they be mad? Not necessarily (because honestly, who cares about what these people say? Boycott them and move on) but they (same -sex loving people) are being talked about in that kind of manner so what would those two ladies expect? Not everybody is going to agree with them, and they’re not “right” about what they’re saying so, prepare to get dragged, and although they have the right to their opinions, so do gay/bi people, so if she gets dragged, oh well, her problem.

        Again, I don’t really care what any one person says about my sexuality, but I’m certainly entitled to an opinion, as much as they are entitled, regardless of my religious orientation. Am I mad? LOL no, but that won’t stop me from having an opinion (though usually, I just chuckle and move on to the next story, but sometimes I like to indulge). I don’t expect these women to change and that doesn’t bother me. It’s kind of like these thirsty ass attentionistos posting themselves online and then getting mad when gay people like and comment on their photos, when you put yourself out there online in a certain context, you might get unsavoury results. Do people deserve to get harrassed? I’m not saying they do, but I am saying that once your stuff gets put on the internet, prepare for backlash, especially if your content is designed to attack a specific demographic. So these two ladies are still responsible for whatever dragging they might or might not be getting. Their fault, so “Y.U. Mad?” is actually directed at the wrong people.

        I don’t know these ladies, so I’ll forget them shortly, I don’t care if they change, apologize, don’t change, what have you, the thing that’s more telling to me is the gays that continue to support them. I find that a bit…odd, but it’s not my life so I’ll just let that be.

  2. Don’t throw tomatoes at me, but I’m trying to view it from a different standpoint. What if she wasn’t actually agreeing with Kim, but just asking why did Kim say something now? Like why she waited so long to talk about “that stuff” (being sarcastic)…

      1. I took her comments to mean when pastor’s talk to their church they too sin..we all sin and she better be talking to her ushers, her deacons..and not they…

  3. Jamari, Megachurch pastors are just more business oriented.
    They’re not going to alienate anyone because everyone’s money is GREEN.
    Notice pastors of Megachurches are usually MEGARICH.
    They play the game better.

    They don’t denounce homosexuality or condone it, which I personally find even more troubling.

    Are any of them marrying same sex couples? There’s your answer. lol

    1. ^okay that was a definite “oh shit” moment.
      mad i missed that.
      wow this whole thing is kinda fucked up.

      so your stance is here pastors/ettes will be fine?

      1. Does anyone else seem up in arms about the comments besides gays?

        No straight people on my social media have even mentioned it.

        If someone’s planning a strike of black churches this Sunday let me know lol

        Gays might run Hollywood, but the church is a different environment. Contrary to popular belief, doing hair and makeup and playing the organ does not give one leverage in church or anywhere else for that matter. That’s not a talent unique to gay men lol

  4. Not surprised by her comments. I’m sure a lot more gospel artist will be speaking out and then getting dragged online.

  5. Like I said in the post on Kim Burrell aka Miss Piggy, this is the reason I stopped going to church. None of these self righteous christian folks are going to change their stance on homosexuality. I think they should get dragged and the jokes and memes are funny as hell too me. In 2017 if you have the balls to still say controversial stuff like they have you should feel the wrath. Yes, their members will still attend their churches and yes money will still come in, but their asses will be getting blackballed from mainstream. Like Kim Burrell radio show got cancelled that’s a check gone from her. So yes there is repercussions and consequences they will face mainly Kim. Oh and yeah Ms. Shirley Caesar didn’t get married until she was 45 years old, um yeah makes you think right?

    1. This is what the devil wants….to stir up stuff so people turn away from the church. Stop giving these kim burrells, Shirley ceasars and people power over you when they are humans with issues like everybody else.

  6. I don’t really have a comment on Shirley Caeser because I need to hear the whole thing to get the context.

    As for Kim like I said before this won’t effect her standing with a core audience.But Kim wants to move into the secular audience that’s why she did the tv show pilot.I watched the show and she had a segment on gossip and discussing pop culture.That’s why she is doing more secular music like Frank Ocean song and song with Pharrell.That’s also why she did the radio talk show with Texas Southern University because she wanted to widen her audience.

    Well TSU cancelled her radio show yesterday and Ellen cancelled her appearance on her national show.So this does have an impact on her brand with the secular audience she has stated she wants to reach. It will not have much of an impact with her gospel fans.

  7. I dont think Mama Shirley was defending Kim she seemed to be saying that we have all fell short and just dont talk about the gays but everybody who has sinned. Shirley is almost 80 years old and if you know old Black women like I do, they do not bite their tongues for nobody and dont care how you take it.

    At the end of the day, you have to know who you are, I could care less what anybody says at this point who is not paying my bills or helping me in any way. Kim, Shirley and countless other “STR8” Religious people all feel the same way and think we are living a sinful lifestyle that they feel necessary to speak on even though they have not walk one day in your shoes. If you look to these people to tell you how to live your life well you need to be offended and upset. I hardly believe any Black Church Queens are upset about any of this, they will be the main ones hooping and hollering in the pews while these religious leader spit on their whole life and they will be back next Sunday to get a little bit more because that is all they know. Personally, I will not waste my time on Sunday listening and having fellowship with people who will willingly take my money but still tell me it is no way I am getting into Heaven because of my sinful lifestyle. I will rather go to an early brunch on Sunday and beat the church crowd.

  8. Christians don’t like homosexuality, I think the bible is a joke. I wish it could be left at that, but Christianity has a very large influence, especially with the black community. It’s also taught to the youth.

    These hate speeches are only used as fuel for negativity; violence and self-hate. If you ask me, Christianity is part of the blame for most DL drama.

    No one is asking Christians to accept homosexuality, but is it too damn much to ask for them to stop describing it with words like perverse and comparing it to pedophilia? Call it a sin and keep your beliefs inside the Church.

  9. She later did an interview that has been posted. Basically she stated that she is old and don’t want to be dragged. She also alluded to the fact that we live in a new world and those in the church that are holding on to outdated theology should leave it in the past.
    There are many, educated, ministers and Christians who believe that homosexuality is not a sin. What are seeing is what happens when leaders a stuck between a bigoted rock (of their creation) and an undeniable reality.

    1. Thanks for update.That’s why I didn’t comment on her statement because I didn’t know the context.It was not cut and dry like Kim’s comments referring to gays as perverted.

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