Black TV Needs To Make White People Comfortable

has lee daniels gone mad?
i am being serious.
he has said some questionable shit in the past,
but i can’t with this statement he made about his new show “star”.
this is what he told ebony magazine

“We are in a very dangerous state right now in our country and I wanted White people to feel good about being White because right now, there’s a lot of hatred going on,” Daniels explains before further detailing the story he created. “It started out with this White girl that was just badass and would do anything: kill, rob, have sex, whatever to get to the top. Then, I realized as I was writing, that it was more about a girl group. Their whole world is about what happened to me when I left home and went to Hollywood and the struggles I went through. ”

is he being dragged?
he needs to be.
is this why empire is terrible now?
“star” ain’t some ground breaking show.
 a show about someone gay,
who was trying to make it in the industry,
while making the world question how some get put on,
is ground breaking.
a snow bunny trying to sing with black vixens is typical.
he is no different than tyler perry at this point.

quote credited: ebony

13 thoughts on “Black TV Needs To Make White People Comfortable

  1. A prime example of a lost gay man who probably has been white washed by a white man. What about your own people Lee? White people have always felt good about being white because they are conscious of the advantages it has. We are the ones who need to feel good, not them. Broadcast us in our best light and sit back and let them watch.

  2. Let’s start a convo. So because the black community widely condemns homosexuality is it then okay to pander to the white community? I think that Lee Daniels is a very homocentric black man and I beleive I spoke about personalities being too geared toward one catergory in a prior post last year. My personal opinion is that while the white community may get past your sexuality, they won’t get past your color. Good luck with ‘Star’. I won’t be watching.

    1. I’ll be direct.

      Black homos need to get over the idea that whites are somehow more tolerant of homosexuality than blacks. Now THAT is that “what folks water is colder” bullshit. They’re just not as open about it as blacks. The same way they are with racism. They’ll smile in your face and chop you right on down behind your back.They already fetishize and believe we as blacks are hypersexual.

      Catholic, Protestants and Jewish people are no more tolerant of homosexuality and plenty of white teens are kicked out of their homes and selling their bodies out here.

      1. ^jay always comes with the other opinion that makes you question your own opinion LOL
        i love those that can do that.
        it has helped me think and really put my own opinions in the fore front.

        and I love it is all done respectfully.
        go ya’ll.

      2. This is a WORD! Omg.

        White people have literally MASTERED subtle, indirect bigotry. That racism example is SPOT on. They have it down to a science. They are NOT any less homophobic than we are.

        Smile in you face, ask about your kids, and believe that black people are all on welfare and want money from the government.

        Smile in your face, ask about your kids, and believe black people are inherently lazy, and violent.

        Smile in your face, ask about your kids, and vote Trump.

        Black folk have a tendency to “keep it real” which makes us look a lot less accepting and tolerant.

        Not sure which method I prefer. smh

      3. What I mean is that I don’t believe it matters what the truth is how the white community truly feels about homosexuality, I think the power lies within how we perceive they view it. I belive that people feel that the white community is more okay with homosexuality because its looked at as being okay in comparason to how other races and nationalities handle sexuality. You have countries in the West Indies ajd Africa saying that they will punish homosexuality with death. Apart from possibly Russia, I don’t think that any countries that have a overwhelming white community denounces it so strongly. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is an agenda being put upon people to be more progressive and accepting of homosexuality. And it’s being in put in place by white men with power.

        It’s just when you compare the black gay experience with the white gay experience, they’ve always had it easier.

  3. But, where is the shortage of representation to make people “feel good” though? If Lee wants to make his protagonist White, I don’t really see anything wrong with it, especially if it’s for the sake of the story, the art, the character development etc. But if he’s making a white protagonist to make White people feel better then idk what to say, Why is that his issue? He doesn’t HAVE to make “black” productions as much as he doesn’t have to cater to white people, so I just find it odd that he’s justifying it in this manner. I see what he’s trying to do, but I don’t think he’s going about this right or strategically. It’s a bit of a fail tbh lol.

    S/N: How is this supposed to make white people feel better about anything? Am I missing something? lol. Anyways, I think if he’s smart he might be able to use that character in a way that can start a discussion between both racial groups in a healthy way(if that’s even possible atm). Welp, good luck with that Lee!

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