When A Male Gets Cheated On (The World Must Stop)

cheated on.
it is so interesting how males handle getting cheated on.
i wonder how i would handle it?
i was there for most of my home vixens being hurt by infidelity.
the wolves i know are all cheaters.
that old adage of:

“i was just fuckin them vixens.
i was gonna get right back.”

well one of my home wolves seems to have gotten his relationship karma

my home wolf has been dating his vixen,
on and off,
for the last two years.
from the pictures on his social media,
you would think it was all good.
they moved in together last year or so.
so he texts me earlier because he needed to talk.
from the look of the font,
it seemed serious.
i left my desk and went into the hall to call.
so he tells me how last friday,
he found out some incriminating texts on his vixen’s phone.
she was cheating on him with her co worker.
so the night of new years,
as depressed and angry as he was,
they went to a club and they both got fucked up.
she was drinking due the holiday.
he was drinking to numb his feelings.
when they got home,
she was more fucked up than he was,
he said fucked the vixen shit out of her.

  it was the type of sex he never did with her.
at that point,
he looked at her like a hoe.
totally violated her sexually.
he said he came all on her and went round after round.she told him he never gave her dick like that.
he said he could not stop fuckin’ her.

the next day,
something happened that revealed the whole thing.
they ended up getting into a confrontation about it.
they ended up fighting and it wasn’t pretty.
he said he put his paws on her.
slapped and choked her.
she punched him in the eye and now it has a ring around it.
it was a bad look.

so now he is depressed.
he didn’t like what he did to her.
i told him he should never had put paws on her.
walking away is always the best option because she could have had his tail in jail.
that also scares him because he doesn’t know where her mind is now.
so you know i asked a question:

“did you ever cheat on her?”

he responded:

a few times.
it was just fucking tho.
nothing serious.
this bitch was actually in another relationship with this pineapple!”

it all sounded like karma to me.
he did dirt and now he big mad because she did her own.
when vixens cheat,
it’s more emotional.
emotional cheating is the worse because it goes by deep feelings.
physical is usually just a nut.

i had to wonder about cheating and males.
why do we always get in our feelings when we get cheated on?
we go out there,
fucking damn near everything,
and come back to the den like it’s all good.
when someone we love does it to us,
its end damn end of the world.
why is this?
with the situation with my home wolf,
they could both consider it an even score.
she is now this “bitch” and “hoe”
…but what was he when he did his dirt?
he claims it’s over,
but 2 years ain’t some easy bond to break.
for him,
it will never be the same.
for her,
she is carrying all the guilt.
so i had to wonder...

Why do males handle being cheated on so differently?

29 thoughts on “When A Male Gets Cheated On (The World Must Stop)

  1. It is simply. Most guys are more emotional than women when cheated on. Women try to figure out what went wrong that caused the dude to cheat. While dudes instantly take the female cheating as a strike against their macho ego; like a blow to their balls.

  2. We are HARD WIRED tohunt and gather. Monogamy is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Men are wired to be POSSESSIVE of what they hunt, no mystery. Emotionally and even psychologically, men can’t handle the perceived rejection and betrayal of female infidelity. The idea that another man has entered his “property” and can walk around having done so is an insufferable attack on the male ego and sense of pride and personal esteem.

    Not being the Alpha to your mate is a loss of status. If you care bout them streets, it’s embarrassing.

  3. “In a relationship you get roughly 80%of what you’re looking for.” And basically ppl cheat looking for that other 20%. That’s what you mostly see in the media for women cheating. That “emotional” attachment is more about what her man isn’t taking care of and so the guy might take it as offensive and an attack on his manhood for her to get it from someone else. However many fail to realize that women are capable of giving into sexual desires with someone their attracted to or spend time with and get over it just as fast as men supposedly do. Like the others said most times ppl cheat out of opportunity, or to have a notch in their belt. I think society mainly accepts that for men because of the views of males as physical and females as emotional. #doublestandardsftw

    Plus you know how ppl are, there’s an excuse when they do it but “how could you say all those things about me cheating when you turned around and did the same thing” when you do it not realizing how they are in a glass house throwing stones.

  4. Evolutionary biologists would say that men have only the woman’s word for it that the children they are raising are carrying their genes. Thus, when he cant trust her anymore, the crisis is an existential one. If the driving instinct of every species is to pass on its genes, men need to know that they have done so. Faithless women make that impossible. Perhaps that is why nearly every society in human history has placed greater emphasis on restricting female sexuality than on males. Today, meaning the past century or so, for the first time ever, large numbers of men leave their primary partner for the side piece. Our social progress seems to have outgrown our biology. If you doubt that, see what happens if you give the most mild mannered of men reason to believe that the children he thought were is are not. Watch the violence commence.

  5. It’s really just the world we live in, how many times have we seen a man cheat on his girl and is forgiven, maybe not right away but it happens. I think it’s important for vixens to understand it doesn’t matter how pretty, smart, wet your kitty gets, or Good you are at sex a guy will cheat just because the situation presented itself and thinks nothing of it.

    That’s why I liked On Insecure it showed Issa cheating without it being an emotional connection to the other guy, she just wanted that itch scratched . On television and movies they have a way of showing when women cheat it’s because of an emotional connection or because her guy is not not doing something. it’s never shown that she’s cheating because she’s horny and situation was in itself .

    1. ^Like Robin Givens’ character in Boomerang. She got what she wanted and kept it moving….until Eddie ass got sprung! LOL

      I used to work with a chick like that. she saw a guy she was interested in, she went after him. told him upfront what she wanted, and usually got what she wanted…the dick. She used to pull some phyne ass dudes too! There was one good looking, muscular dude that worked in the file room, who walked around like his shyt didn’t stink. She savaged him. She told all the girls his d-game was small and WHACK!! LOL
      She tried to get at me but I knew what she was about…and office relationships were a no-no for me.

  6. Here’s my thing. In every relationship that I’ve had, I never cheated on my girlfriend. The longest relationship I had, and she was actually a very good friend (since high school) before we started dating (and her boyfriend cheated on her several times) and she ended up cheating on me with someone I once considered my “best friend”.

    Once they did that, I wasn’t all up in my feelings, I showed them the door. I was hurt by the betrayal, but I’m not touching you. I’m not arguing with you. You did what you did, there’s no forgiving, because if you do it once…you’ll do it again. And then you wanna smile all up in my face like nothing happened? Plenty of fish in the sea.

    For most guys it’s a control thing. They want to do their dirt, but they don’t want their girl doing the same. It ain’t about feelings, that’s BS…it’s about control. How are you going to get angry at someone for doing the same thing you’re out there doing?! Then when you find out, you wanna hit her/choke her out?! GTFOH

    I also think it’s the maturity level of the person(s). Accept responsibility for your actions, and realize that the person is going to do dirt like you. Instead of getting mad, man up and move on.

    1. ^another great pov c!
      it definitely think moving on,
      throwing their stuff out,
      and healing is better.
      i definitely don’t agree with fighting out of emotions.
      the law works in favor of the vixen.

      1. I will never give a person the satisfaction of making me a statistic. LOL
        I used to watch my cousin’s girlfriends act a fool, and I would tell them if they didn’t act right I would throw them out. They’d get loud and tell me to put my hands on them. I would call the cops and the cops would get them out for me. Tables turned! LOL

  7. In short, because men lose self-value if they’ve been cheated on. You’re not “the man” so-to-speak, if you get cheated on, the ego gets bruised because he is now faced with his insecurities due to cultures of hyper-masculinity disseminated through the media etc. and starts to feel emasculated.

    Oh and, he feels like he can justify his cheating because it makes him feel more masculine. The more bitches he gets, the more of “the man” (as opposed to “a real man”) he is. Women don’t tend to operate the same way,so it explains in part why women aren’t “known” to cheat as much (but apparently, they do a lot, maybe not as much, but probably more than one would expect).

    Or something like that, at least that’s my take on it, I could be wrong. The first commenter was correct. Most men are weak, for that reason. If he can think beyond these factors, he’s probably less likely to cheat. Most don’t though.

  8. *inserts meme of person or animal sleeping peacefully because I’m single and nobody cheating on me*

  9. Many men, in my opinion, are used to having their egos stroked and being forgiven for their wrongdoings. All the while believing that their significant other is too nice (or too dumb) to do the same thing they’ve done. I also feel like it has something to do with the way men view women as well but I don’t feel like delving into that lol. In short, men are sensitive. Like really sensitive. I honestly feel like they’re more sensitive than women at times when they put their hearts on the line.

      1. Idk bro. For real tho. Some dudes can be in a relationship, hold their significant other on a pedestal and yet still cheat on them like it’s nothing. If a dude even thinks their significant other is doing the same cheater shit as them, they get emotional. It doesn’t matter that they cheated too. It’s like they on some “How dare you cheat on me?!” bull shit. Dudes be soft yo. ……Some dudes. ……Most dudes. Lol

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