When A Bad Fit Happens To Good Baller Wolf: Dwayne Wade

i just landed on bossip and nearly jumped out my skin.

gabrielle obviously didn’t see him before he walked out the door.
if she did, slap her with a warning.
wolf slaves…
bring in the victim….

first off, the whole outfit just looks bumpy.
or, its making me bumpy.
i see where he was going with it,
but i’m not with it.

  • lower down on the lip gloss
  • lose the jean vest
  • lose the shirt
  • lose the sneakers
  • lose the socks

now we have a blank canvas with boxer briefs.
i’d prefer you rather with just boxer briefs.
ok, serious….
let’s rebuild.
that whole outfit works together with different shit.
try this:

  • wife beater
  • army fatigue cargo shirts
  • knee high socks
  • sneakers
  • glasses
  • pins on the wife beater/bracelets on arm(s)

so something like this…

or (i feel the tan works better)


^found: karma loop

summer time fly with the sock swagg he wanted.
oh, i’ll let you keep your bracelet.
those colorful socks belong on dress pants (see ryan mundy video).
don’t let me see that happen again wade.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “When A Bad Fit Happens To Good Baller Wolf: Dwayne Wade”

  1. Lol the gif funny as hell. Wade always wearing some crazy shit though not surprised.

  2. He looks like he’s ready to bend over and take a MEAN pounding. Tell him I said don’t do that no mo…don’t make no damn sense!

  3. There is something about him that is sweet. Not calling him gay but he does have ‘sissy’ tendencies. You know the kind of sweetness you have when you under mama a little too long….

    Maybe it’s the vaseline on his lips.

  4. I’m not even gonna lie; he looks mad fem. in these pics. Now why did he have to steal Gabby’s green blouse? I just don’t get it. I expect this from Russell Westbrook because he’s young, but D wade is 30 and he has kids. I wonder if he would let his son out the house dressed like this? He’s ass is still sexy tho. Yup I would poke him. 🙂

    It’s summer time, the best thing for a man to wear is a wife beater and shorts IMO. It’s too hot to be wearing shit like that.

  5. Gabrielle jacked him up later; told him he can’t leave the house without texting her a pic of his outfit…lol

  6. BTW…I like your choices J. When I blow up, I’m gonna need you to be my stylist!

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