what do you do when the huzzband hits on you? (a question)

i don’t know why i started out with all caps.
check it below the break…

Let’s say you have a friend.
like a really good friend,
and she’s in a relationship/married.
She is obsessed with this man.
The thing is:

The husband/boyfriend tries to get with you on the low.

How do you tell her?
Do you even tell her?

i’m asking because you know how some vixens get with their menz/huzzbands.
you see how some vixens get when it’s their female friend in this scenario.
they blame HER and not the cheating manz.

…and you know it may not go well when it’s a male friend involved.

true colors tend to come out when it’s gay shit.

So how do you handle this?
Are you prepared for the blowback from him too?

if you tell her,
you’ll be the enemy.
you don’t tell her,
you’ll be the enemy.
i know some of ya’ll gonna say you’ll fuck him on the low.

i’m taking all answers without judgment.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “what do you do when the huzzband hits on you? (a question)”

  1. Depending on the man I might try and go for it tbh….better that he gets with me than some random gay I guess? But I fully admit that I have a terrible sense of morality. So there’s that.

    1. I hope you elevate your self-worth. It’s cute until it happens to you. Then you suddenly want them to think how the other person feels.

      Here’s hoping you don’t sleep with your “friend’s” husband at their wedding location.

  2. If I truly consider her to be a good friend I would tell her. Of course, I know to have the proof b/c as you said, there will be push back without it. A recording/vid of him coming onto me or another male would suffice, I suppose. (it maybe low handed but if he’s secretly hitting on me…..) my loyalty would be to my friend.

  3. Tell her!!!

    As Gay Men , many of our friends are family and know more about you than family. Besides ,I would want her to tell me if the roles were reversed. If she go “awf ” on me then the friendship / relationship was not what I needed anyway.

    I am very loyal to my friends straight and gay . If she gets into her feelings then the Universe ” is telling me to move on and it was not meant to be.

  4. After a certain while in life, wouldn’t this type of behavior be considered reckless and grossly immature? Though if you’ve ever listened to ANY Strawberry letter segment from the Steve Harvey Morning Show (I listen via Podcast) it would seem that some people out there get less mature with age. Like immensely. FOMO is real. But never anticipate or expect to dictate a persons reaction to being willfully wronged. Especially by someone considered to be a “bestie”. Shot like that can change a persons perception of reality. And at that point, all bets are off.

  5. I’m horrible! If he’s sexy and has a phat ass I will fuck him senselessly! I find consolation in thinking of him as a friend and this is just two men sharing a connection right? Isn’t that what straight men and gay men friends do? Yep anything to justify it. I’ve been in a similar situation and the guy had all these rules wanting to make sure I didn’t catch feelings and got weird and crazy. I’m very good at following rules to get what I want! But why did this man end up falling in love and was willing to walk away from everything. 🙄😤 I was like ehhh…this was not the plan bro bro! I had to walk away cuz I couldn’t have blood on my hands! I miss them phat cheeks though! Smh 😫

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