Well-Behaved Foxes Always Make History (Revenge)


“got that ass.”
i know you love it.
hell i love it to.
we all like it when people get payback for their wrongdoings.
the ultimate take down is when we can put their severed heads on our trophy cases.
revenge can come in three forms

there is “bold revenge”.
mud slinging.
internet/fist fighting.
giving someone a verbal black eye.
you will probably find this type of behavior on wshh.
it’s when you don’t care how you look before or after.
you are out for blood.

watch-out-we-got-a-bad-ass-over-here “silent revenge”.
this is where you cover your tracks and use smoke screens on your victim.
letting others do the dirty work for you.
staying in the shadows while keeping your hands clean.
the victims are so busy trying to find out who dun it,
that they never even suspect you.
this type of revenge is great because you can act surprised when it happens.

giphythe last is “do nothing revenge”.
you let go and let god take control.
this isn’t really a popular one these days.
it requires prayer,
a smile,
and a lethal ignore button.
the outcome could take a day,
or years.
sometimes you won’t be there to see it even happen.
you just know it will happen eventually.

new-stall-storiespeople often wonder why i remain calm under adversity.
i don’t let just anyone get me out of character.
i notice everyone wants to fight and throw every stone in their gardens.
i usually either get you together if you need it or just do nothing at all.
i never do bold messy moves because it can create silent enemies.
ones you will have to deal with later on down the line.

liar liar is a small person.
she is not worth me losing my job.
in observing her,
i’ve learned she is very manipulative.
if i did a bold messy move,
she will cry and say she feels threatened with my presence.
she won’t feel comfortable working with me.
plus she is a FEMALE and i’m a MALE.
i will be let go instantly.
i could go with a silent take down,
but is she really worth the energy?
she has started digging her own grave with her antics anyway.
i won’t even have to push her in so i choose the best revenge: to do nothing.
let her talk about me.
it’s just words.
if don’t acknowledge her then her filth won’t carry too much of a stink.
i’m just going to smile and carry on like i always do.
it will be a challenge i won’t lie.
the bosses love me for my work ethic and i intend to keep it that way.
take it from this fox.
nothing good ever comes from showing your ass.
plus especially at your job in an economy like this.
cussing someone out or fighting only leads to a momentary victory anyway.
learn how to ignore small irrelevant people.
they don’t require a big response.
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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Well-Behaved Foxes Always Make History (Revenge)”

    1. I’m here visiting the DMV MAN. Hit me up! Show me a good time #ohhhyeaaa lol

      Dudes are fine as shit and can dress around here lol

  1. You’re a better man than me Jamari. Lol

    I look at revenge about the same way as you except if I’m mad enough to want revenge my mind is like quiet, calm, chaos. I don’t stop until it’s finished. I get kind of psycho.

    I’d go with the silent takedown. Always effective. That’s why my hero Emily Thorne uses it so much! I connect with her more than I should lol

    Ol boys wife would definitely find out she was fucking him and I’d get her pissed off enough to come up to the job, while I smile and enjoy the show.

    God is still working on me lol

    1. ^i love emily thorne.
      you know whats funny?
      all the people i introduced that show to,
      the ones who were hurt,
      love “revenge”.
      last week’s episode was AWESOME.

      the “silent takedown” can take a while.
      you have to build up enough evidence before you put nails in a coffin.
      it requires work,
      and a smile.
      you have to slowly turn people against them.
      put a spotlight on everything they have done to others.
      not many people can do it because they want to strike boldly.

      1. I haven’t gotten through the first few episodes of season three so don’t tell me! I heard in the season finale a new scheme team is gonna be formed!

        Yeah the silent takedown is an art, but I find that if you move in silence already and no one knows much about you or what you’re capable of it can be faster and more effective.

        I only ingratiate myself to managers and executives. I don’t have time for the friendly shit with anyone below that in the workplace. Am I cordial? Yes, but in the end you are my competition. Especially in this economy. My goal is to outshine and outwork the competition. I share very little personal info about myself and I listen 10x more than I speak.

        All those attributes make me a very formidable opponent hiding behind politeness and a smile.

  2. Maybe you should go with a snow bunny or two to throw people off your tail.

    I do agree tho. You reap what you sew.

  3. Great choice. Like you, I sit back and watch those evil people’s world implode because I’m not breaking a sweat for no one, unless they attempt to put their hands on me. The most I would do, is give them a verbal smackdown, sans profanity.

  4. she does not deserve any energy J. seriously, stay focused on your job and keep up the good work ethic. always look for professional development opportunities in your field because that’s what top execs like to see….are you willing to do what it takes to improve your performance or learn skills that could enhance your capacity especially when you are already doing a great job…

  5. Normally I follow that same plan too, but I always call it “Being the bigger person” #growingupisoverrated but when you put it like this maybe it’s the best way to get them back secretly. Genius perspective!

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