Track One: Slammer For The Summer (Oh Yeah)

jalchrisbwell chris brown will be spending his summer tour in the slammer.
i think.
you know how the jail system is in la.
anyway the judge ordered him 4 months.
 no pussy
no drugs
no ratchet good times
when he is released,
he has to attend a therapist 2 times a week plus drug testing 3 times a week.
personally i think this little break is good for him.
he can get his mind in order and then come out a whole new wolf.
well here’s hoping…

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Track One: Slammer For The Summer (Oh Yeah)”

  1. Damn I feel sorry for him, I really do, they should send to holland so he can live with me, we can eat, talk , u know, make him live the hard life of a normal teenager, and oww I cant forget fuck also, and make him gain some muscle that would be perfect for him, I would tame that man

  2. Update: he’s likely to be released by Monday for time already served, including the time spent doing community service. Judge sentenced him to a year but suspended time already served. Not wishing him ill but a little time away, I think, would have done him some good. Getting rid of yes people should be his first order of business.

  3. He’ll probably become old dusty and withered before he becomes fully clean. Two decades and two kids later, Chris will be ready to tour again.

    Look how long it took Bobby Brown to recover. He still hasn’t recovered fully. He’s was a hot mess before the term hot mess was even invented.

  4. It’s good news to hear on his part. Now he can get better. At least he’s getting help now before he fell in too deep. (I mean deeper than where he is now.)

  5. It is sad how far he has fallen. He had so much promise career wise, and he messed it all up.

    I was crazy about him when he came out, but he has let myself and everyone else down. I hope he gets it together. Nothing, he’s going to lose his mind in there. Watch.

  6. good now maybe he will realize all those yes men around him are no good

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