How The Big Dick Becomes A Bigger Dick (The Sherri Shepherd Story)

sherridivorcelamarhow old is the man?
he looks like her father giving her away.
anyway sherri shepherd is on the way to divorce from her huzzband, lamar sally.
now isn’t she an insane christian?
i thought they didn’t believe in divorce?
ya know like ( x she doesn’t with gays ).
she did alot of bragging about that one too.
well according to the forest…

allegedly she was the one who got filed on after being cheated on.
plus he wants custody of their unborn baby being carried by a surrogate and spousal support.
i bet she added chris brown’s “loyal” to her workout list.
she doesn’t seem to have much luck with wolves,
does she?
well let this be a lesson to everyone:
this trend of “dickin’ down” needs to stop.
dickin’ down: hopping and claiming any dick/ass that is not on your level.
you know what your level is.
i don’t need to tell you.
take a moment and do some mental evaluating.
its not only just monetary.
it’s who you are a whole.
you should NOT have a hoodrat,
if you aren’t a hoodrat yourself,
in your spot for no longer than an hour.
get sexed and peace out.
these basic wolves these days stay plotting on a come up.
you with your great job/money looks like their new “job”.
instead of paying bills,
they continuously work on fucking your brains out your head.
i read ol sal even lied to her about being this big power player in hollywood.
all he did was stay home while she worked.
now his lazy ass wants spousal support????
rrjntwgod please that never be me.
let me meet my wolf with common sense oh god.
sadly god WILL put a dumbass in your life for you to learn tho.
these days everyone is so excited to have a “wolf”,
they just let anyone in.
you can’t claim any ol dick that cums your way.

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picture taken from life and style

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “How The Big Dick Becomes A Bigger Dick (The Sherri Shepherd Story)”

  1. She probably thought her life was so perfect. Sherri talks about everyone else, but now everyone else is talking about her and her situation. Basically, she married a no good man and expected more. That sounds familiar.

    1. She might as well pay him that spousal support, she has been giving it to him all along anyway lol. I mean he was living off of her.

  2. While I am no fan of Sherri (I don’t think her elevator goes all the way to the top floor), I’m sad to see anyone played. I hope she learns from this and maybe will see no one is perfect under her super Christian beliefs.

  3. Damn Kenya Moore is having the Best Week Ever.
    All the haters who said smack about her are falling like a domino.

    Just read Nene & Porsha are being demoted papers came on Friday night!, phaedra & apollo will get read by the judge, and Sherri big loud mouth in bed with Porsha got D papers serve.

    Lesson to all these B&T#H, don’t come for Kenya unless she sent you!

    1. But did Kenya get fired from the Apprentice though? Plus I heard she got robbed. She ain’t doing much better than them.

      1. All of them can win on Celebrity Apprentice, so all but one person will be eliminated. Kenya made it to the final 5 from what I heard. If this is true, she got further than Nene who quit.

        They got the stuff back that was stolen and the person who stole the stuff was arrested. C’mon bro, stop bashing Kenya. You don’t like her do you? lol.

  4. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like that her fans never hold her accountable for her behavior (even go to the extent of rewarding her in some cases) then try to criticize everyone else’s. The reasons why some of those relationships with the other members deteriorated was at least partially her doing and it wasn’t her being reactionary either.

    1. Yea, I can admit that Kenya does some wrongdoing. Like she did the other day by teasing Apollo about his situation. She should have left that alone to make herself look better.

      1. I’m just getting it now. Fans felt that the cast members ganged up on Kenya at the reunion and scapegoat her for the conflicts on the show. That was bitch made if they came together to attack Kenya, but she was not exactly an innocent little girl in all of this.

  5. Kenya is having the last laugh at all the hoes…like it or not! And this evening Marlo said something telling on her Instagram.

  6. Well it is reported that it was actually Lamar Sally who filed for divorce and he wants custody of the unborn baby which is due in June or July ( by way of surrogate). Also he is contesting the pre-nup due to …. FRAUD. Now my question is .. Who is Sheri Sheppard? Because this is her 2nd marriage down. I think someone needs to take a long look in the mirror. (Trust me that’s not easy to do). no one knows what went down between them behind close doors but if Lamar Sally wants custody of their unborn son, this is serious..

  7. ooohhhh ya’ll got to help me. Im falling for the latino renta cop at my school. He’s def straight but oooo JESUS i can’t take it. When ever he talk to me he mad rude but I kinda like it. pray for me.

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