If I Was A Girl (Id Slap The Disrespect Out This Hoe)

THOTQUISHAi had a moment today  where i wondered what if god made me a girl?
sure id be at the #nfldraft parties in vip with no thong on,
wearing the fuck out that wet n wavy,
and making sure i smelled like vanilla daily.
oh and i’d also be in handcuffs for stomping in a hole in liar liar’s head…

this female jackal acts like a damn child.
she has been lowkey ack’in up over the incident that happened couple weeks ago.
you would have thought i shot her dog and slapped her mama all in the same day.
so apparently she is spreading a rumor that i’m gay.
funny enough,
thing 2 and my boss took the day off,
so she had to help me with some of thing 2’s duties.
she was smiling in my face and trying to talk to me.
okay cool.
well one of the mailroom wolves told me at my desk during a random conversation:

“she was saying you was gay or some shit like that.
saying you aint got no girl and you dress too pretty.
some other shit but i can’t remember.
she always talkin’ shit tho.
pay her no mind.”

no it pissed me off.
here i am, being cordial to her idiot ass and she fucked that up.
she ended up trying to throw me under the bus to save her own ass.
okay that was not gonna happen.
i made sure it didn’t happen.
so now she is mad because i exposed her that day as a liar?
i have no loyalty to her.
now she wants to try and ruin my reputation because she was a dumb ass?
its not my fault i do my job and people love my work ethic.
i came in that job and became a big deal.
i don’t bother anyone and usually people come to me.
people can’t take it i guess.


it’s a shame tho.
the same wolves that she laughs and jokes with,
are the same wolves who put all her business out on front street to me.
she thinks she is one of the boys,
all because she is fuckin the married supervisor,
but they can’t wait to air her dirty laundry about being a side hoe.
a thot.
the fun girl who sucked his dick on late night after hours.
i’ll just continue watch my back and do what i was hired to do.
my ratchet side wants to clap back so bad.
so so so bad.
i won’t tho.
god always comes through when people fuck with me.
the jokes seem to write themselves with this bitch tho.


Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “If I Was A Girl (Id Slap The Disrespect Out This Hoe)”

  1. It’s a shame you have to deal with such immature antics at work. It sounds like you’re in high school. How would she even know if you had a girl or not. I had a random chick say that shit about me.Talking bout “I’ve seen everyone with a girlfriend except for him.” I was surprised that she was saying what she was saying so close in my perimeter. And I was surprised that someone who I hadn’t talked to in over 3 years payed so much attention to me and what was going on in my life.

    People really need to learn to leave their childish behavior behind at home. I’m also getting really sick of everybody not being able to keep their legs closed. Do they actually get any work done? Seems all they do is gossip and fuck each other.

    Reminds me of all the chicks I used to work with. They would use the workplace facility to sneak their booty calls in. Meanwhile their boyfriends and husbands are at home getting ready to come pick them up.

    Where are the adults and professionals in today’s world I wonder.

    1. ^people come to work and start doing the dumbest shit.
      yeah I thought a few coworkers were attractive,
      but i only blogged about my feelings.
      I kept my interactions strictly professional.
      few jokes here and there.
      nothing “over the line”.
      I see everyone else living out real life LHHNY antics.
      yet can’t write an email to save their life.
      it’s crazy to me.

  2. Get. Her. Ass. Don’t fight but you betta be plotting your plan to ruin her life in that workplace at this moment.

  3. You need to file a complaint, but first have a sit down with your boss and tell her everything that been going on including the affair she’s having because this is not high school, its a place of business.

    On the side note: I love the smell of vanilla! But is it weird that I like smelling like vanilla?

    1. No he should not file a complaint. Here’s why. In these situations, both parties can lose their jobs if the conflict interferes with work. Be careful.

  4. I feel what you are going thru, I had to deal with ladies (if you wanna call them that) spreading rumors about my friend and me. Ugh don’t let this no life having THOT get to you, if it gets out of hand I say talk to the higher ups because that’s slander.

  5. I was wondering if she could have possibly picked up a vibe off of you, but because of the altercation you had with her, I think she is just trying to get to you. Don’t sweat it bro.

    However, I can tell if a guy could be interested in men by his clothing and his posture. We all know those guys who dress to impress every single day, my college students know lol. I’ll stop there on that topic. Hehehe. Some days I go for a classier look, some days I want to look like a street thug lol, and other days I just dress normal.

      1. Oh no lol. Y’all are not going to do this. Dudes trying to be nosy and narrow down colleges on my ass. People get carried away already lol.

  6. My only issue with this entry is the, “you dress too pretty” part. Why do women believe that men can’t dress themselves or put an outfit together? I get this a lot from women. Some even have the “balls” to ask me if I’m gay because I “dress to well to be straight.” Get the f*ck out of here with that sh*t.

    How does a brotha working in corporate world is supposed to dress? Who says the only colors a man is supposed to wear are blue and blue? And they wonder why they can’t keep a good man.

    My rant is over now.

  7. *cues* Monica – Sideline Ho …. cause that a she is and since the attention is not on her anymore shes mad.

  8. Is Jamari gay? indeed he is; has he got a girl? He hasn’t quite hinted that on this blog but one would suppose it’s fair to say he doesn’t; and does he dress pretty? Well, Jamari has admitted many times to knowing how to dress and making good of that knowledge; which some might conceive or interpret as dressing “pretty” (except of course if you are doing all the colours…Lol).

    The thing is, she has, with or without any confirmation, only stated what happens to be a fact – our boy Jamari is gay. I know it’s annoying that someone had to go there and she of all people is the one doing it but reality is, no matter how private or strictly professional one wants to be at the workplace, it doesn’t seem to stop most people from at least wondering about their colleagues (or sometimes discussing it someone) – perhaps it’s part of sizing people up. It would be a different matter if the discussion was false and malicious.

    I suppose it boils down to how you handle her (and yourself) at the workplace to get her (and perhaps others too) to back off (especially when it comes to your private affairs) without seeming anti-social or interrupting team cohesion. I believe The Man puts it right, if there’s a conflict, it just might bite your ass. Besides, if it became an issue and the higher ups had to interfere, it seems likely they’d ask – well are you gay Jamari?…

    1. He’s only worked there for a few months tho. She could’ve at least waited until he was there a year. How are you gonna size a new coworker up after only being around them for a few months. Plus, he hinted that she seems to be saying he’s gay out of spite.

  9. Jamari you have GOT to keep above her antics and take the high road. Keep doing your job well. Document any work related bullshit she does that could affect you in case she aims another poison arrow your way. You don’t have to fight this battle — karma is real. I’m older than you. I’ve seen this shit time and time again. Bitches that fuck their managers to get ahead NEVER win in the end. I know two of them RIGHT NOW who are unemployed. You want to know why? Instead of improving their job skills and proving their value they spent too much time playing that side chick thing at work. These women don’t realize when their “patron” is promoted or goes to another job or get tired of them they are left behind and everybody knows they ain’t shit and they end up getting laid off, fired or left in unpromotable limbo. She is digging her own grave. Wear bright colors at her funeral.

    P.S. The Man I’m in the DMV too lol!

    Immanuel at http://www.dlconfessionssequel.com

    1. ^thanks Immanuel and everyone.

      the only reason im keeping quiet is because no good will come from letting her have it.
      we already had an issue where she lied.
      she could easily turn everything on me if i go off on her.
      she could scream she is uncomfortable working with me.
      we do have to work together on projects.
      her boss works side by side with mine.
      im not gonna be a dumb ass like Porsha.
      “I was provoked and bullied”.
      you do more damage being silent.
      it’s also me against her and whoever else will take her side.
      im still new while she has been there a while.
      Like immanuel said,
      karma has ALWAYS worked in my favor.
      she’ll get fed her own poison in the end.
      it’ll just be a lethal dose.
      I’ll continue to smile while inhaling the bullshit.

  10. Oh she’s trife life! She’s entirely too old for that high school BS. smh. I mean it’s none of her business your sexual orientation anyway and it seems like it doesn’t effect your coworkers attitude towards you. So she loses…(again). I agree with Thadd about the dressing “too pretty” part. That’s offensive. Like a nigga can’t dress appealing?!? lol

  11. Welp, if you dress so well females hating, I’m gonna catch a flight to NYC so you can redo my wardrobe. Lol drape me in Ralph Lauren and the latest fashions so the bitches that shop melrose, simply fashions, dress barn, and rainbow can hate hate hate! Haha

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