Um Michael Sam Has No Time For Grindr (Whats Wrong With U?)

tm1ipsylozgvzigghqqxthis entry is going to like a game of “clue”.
“it was michael sam,
in the alleged master bathroom,
with the pipe!”
i’m not going to say anything.
i’m sure you will tho.
^that pic is the hypothetical first clue.
okay so michael sam,
was caught in a selfie penis love triangle.
the “love” being that everyone kinda loved it.
well his agent,
cameron weiss,
had this to say about all the confusion (via gawker)…

Speculation is running wild, but after the photos leaked online, Sam’s agent told TMZ they didn’t belong to his client. “The picture is not Mike,” Cameron Weiss said, “It could be anyone. There’s no face.”

Weiss added that Sam is still focused on the draft and will be ready for his Pro Day, implying the prospect is too busy for Grindr hookups at the moment.

5knbr4way too easy.
*rings bell*
aaah here we go.
okay so this picture is the second hypothetical clue:

cj99bbzsa80z99zveoxgif you are a true member of the f-bi,
i’m sure you’ll be able to allegedly figure it out.
i ain’t saying “NUFFIN”!
either way,
can the real owner of the picture please stand up?

tumblr_mia95vvmbP1r4u8mko1_500…in more ways than one.

story found: gawker

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Um Michael Sam Has No Time For Grindr (Whats Wrong With U?)”

  1. I wanna see time stamps of the nude! As a como resident I can testify that Mr. Sam at one point and time did have a grindr in 2013. Idk when he stopped using it but depending on when the nude was sent it could speak for or against him.

  2. Well, the fingernails and fingers on the hand holding the camera (the hand opposite the bracelet) have similarities and look alike. Then there is the bracelet and the door similarities. There are enough co-incidences to send the pics to the FBI for analysis. LOL

  3. I’m sorry but why are people making a big deal out of this?

    It probably is him, but it’s not recent imo.

    That said let the boy live!!!!! He does not really need this petty distraction. He ain’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last….

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