U Selfish Greedy BI M*thaFucka!

I kid…

But this list is the 10 TYPES of Bi-Sexual men.
Yes, there is such a term as BI SEXUAL.
Alot of people only think women can be bi.
You will be surprised how many Wolves are playing for both teams.
How do you think DL is created?

I know one thing.
This will CERTAINLY make some black women go join a convent.
They just cannot seem to fathom this whole thing.
Sad, really.

It is 2010.
All the kids are going bi and tri.
(tri they’ll tri ANYTHING once)

here is the list….

“Infinite Shades of Gray found in Male Bisexuals”

As one of the leading world authorities Dr. Fritz Klein (see Welcome To The American Institute Of Bisexuality) has long noted bisexuals are to be found in three (3) main groupings:

A. “Gay/lesbian” BISEXUALS


C . “Straight” BISEXUALS

SO in gray terms – light gray, gray gray, and dark/charcoal gray bisexuals.

After several intense years amongst many many thousands of male bisexuals who come and go – likely over a quarter million bisexual men have come gone and stayed in our BI-MEN NETWORK in recent years – I have found these MAIN stereotypes of male bisexuals. Of course, there are MANY MANY more – but these would be the TEN (10) main ones.

A: The “Gay” Bisexual Guys:

1. “BACK STREETS woe-man RON” – is the male counterpart of heterosexual women who seem to endlessly get themselves involved with married or otherwise paired men. RON loves the intense sex with married men who do NOT get nearly as much man to man action as RON does. RON may seem like a loner and tends to make each of his “special guys” feel intense pleasure and feel “special” – but RON often has a large “stable” of such married stallions as his own private stud farm. RON all too often spends holidays alone as his guys almost all have family obligations with wives and kids – but AFTER the holidays and after family vacations he is the target of intense apres-SEX when his guys can slip away. RON may or may not introduce his guys to 3-ways. He knows it is a dangerous play as he may just be better off keeping each one to himself alone. RON has learned to keep looking as even when his stud farm seems full-up – they come and they go for a variety of reasons (guilt, divorce, move away, turn “gay” themselves, get a new gay fetish of their own, turn into “IF IT MOVES MONTY” or ?????? RON is a big hit here at the BI-MEN Network as he has his own place, values privacy and discretion, can keep it ALL secret, is health-conscious, and is often quite a good listener, adviser and confidante to our BI-MEN members. He is also often remarkably suited to keeping the WIVES happy by putting out for horny husbands and with gift and date ideas!

2. “GAY GOOSE GARY” – Gary seems like a very gay gay guy – and is most of the time. BUT once in a blue moon he makes significant connections with heterosexual women and may even marry them. He is a good friend to both men and women and his value as such and as a good companion often with a great sense of humor is valued by both. People will often remark – “Just when I finally concluded he was gay as a goose he off and marries that straight woman!” GARY is most welcome here at BI-MEN

3. “FETISH FRANK” – Frank has one (or more very “gay” fetishes which he loves to indulge in. When in that gay setting he is totally at ease and very well-received by that gay subgroup. He may be into: leather; s & m; water sports; rimming; bathhouses; tearoom sex; bookstore sex; rest area sex; dad and son role-playing; coach and young athlete role-playing; drag; lip-synch routines; docking; frottage; jock straps; military men (camp-following); police’ uniforms; construction workers; cock and ball torture; bears & cubs; hairy guys; bondage and discipline – etc etc etc etc etc. The FETISH list is almost if not endless. BUT there is something about that FETISH that drives him wild and puts him into the gay bisexual camp! He is most welcome at BI-MEN and is often a good adviser or guide as to his fetish.

B: Bisexual” Bisexual Guys:

4. “SWINGER SAM” – Sam enjoys group sex of almost any kind whatsoever. He is the type that just loves to check out an ORGY – of whatever kind – any time one may take place. He loves the back room sex in bars in Amsterdam; the orgy rooms in bath houses worldwide; the “meat rack” on Fire Island; the sand dunes back of many hot beaches; cruisy parks and tea rooms that get group action; and SWINGER parties of all types. Sam will talk his wife into SWINGING as he knows that a broad almost any broad is his ticket to hot group action with the swinging set. Single men are almost unwanted and aplenty in such groups. So he may well spend countless hours and “bribes” sweet talking his little lady into venturing into the swinger scene. AND WHEN SAM gets there – he does like men and women for sex equally. BUT like many BI men the presence of women and even HIS OWN WOMAN makes it easier to be AC-DC. Sam is most welcome here and is one of the first to join a JACKS party at BI-MEN

5. “IF IT MOVES MONTY” – Monty will plow and get blown by anything that moves. IF you have been in the army or a fraternity or such – there is always one guy who would plow a snake if it moved. MONTY is highly oversexed and always horny. The sex and the attractiveness of his quarry is rarely of any importance to him. He may be homely or drop-dead gorgeous himself. In the MARINE CORPS you often find this type – a gorgeous man-hunk-stud with a homely wife and plenty of men in and out of the military who will put out for him in a New York minute. He is not at all choosey so has a very active and diverse sex life. MONTY is often quite good sex due to both his extensive experience and lack of hang ups that many others have in life. He is MOST welcome here at BI-MEN

6. “CLOSED-LOOP LUKE” – is the BI version of “Prince Charming” in the “straight” section. LUKE now has a whole world-view and philosophy. That includes one wife and then one husband – the sandwich – with him in the midst of these two loving mates. He is all for FAITHFUL MONOGAMY with both his loving wife and husband. LUKE does not seem to go through too many women at all – but like our Prince Charming he MAY (or may NOT) go through a lot of MEN on his way to that one male mate of his dreams. LUKE in some ways is the most truly idealistic of our ten stereotypes and more power to him. BUT for many it is an ideal both hard to find and to live out day to day. LUKE is most welcome at BI-MEN and in recent years we have had a few of our guys find their male matches here!

7. “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BUCK” – is the Brad Pitt of BI bisexuals. He is an attractive guy – physically at least – and throw in a nice personality and about EVERYONE wants his bod for sex. In high school and college he could and did have ANYONE he wanted. ODDLY he often does NOT have an overly strong sex drive. He often provides sex to both men and women just to be nice! In a recent movie – part of the humor was that all family members: father, mother; male teen and gal teen ALL ADMITTED each WOULD sleep with Brad Pitt. Most folks would sleep with BUCK and he is pretty obliging. He may NOT be very good sex as others are so OBLIGING to him and he is not all that sexual himself. He may have a rather plain or homely spouse and his guy sex pals may not be major hunks – because he really just has a problem in saying NO to sex. BUCK is most most welcome at our BI-MEN NETWORK.

C. STRAIGHT Bisexual Guys:

8. “LOOKY LOU” – Lou joins the BI-MEN to get the pics and websites to cruise discreetly on the NET at home or work or both when no one is watching. He may even be what gays have long-termed a “watch queen” – standing guard for illicit locker room or public toilet sex; or a voyeur at rest areas or parks or adult theaters and adult bookstores. Lou does NOT have any actual sex with other men. He is for the most part HETEROSEXUAL save for a fascination with men sexually (watching not actively doing a thing). In Nazi Germany his type got the PINK TRIANGLES along with the real gays. One such guy questioned by cops after watching a straight couple having public sex in a park – admitted he was really watching the guy and his member doing the old in and out! LOU lurks in many many groups today. AND he is most welcome here as well.

9. RIP VAN WINKLE – Rip is one of the very odd type of straight bisexuals who just seems to wake up every 20 weeks or 20 months or 20 years with the very shocking realization: “I just gotta have a dick today by heck!” AND come hell or high water he finds one ASAP in an adult bookstore or theater or rest area or bath house or PERSONALS or the NET. THEN…..he is sated and back to a nice long sleep in hetero-land until the next such yearning arouses him. He may belong to the BI-MEN and is often on NO MAIL status – as he only check in when it is time for his “FIX”. AND he is most welcome here too!

10. PRINCE CHARMING – Our PRINCE is all man’s man – happily married – great with the ladies – often a dashing “leading man” type himself. BUT he has one hidden ardent desire to one day MEET HIS OWN PRINCE. Some day HIS prince will indeed come – and come and come again. He is saving himself for this one true love. His wife or gal has NO CLUE as to this secret fantasy nor does anyone else. He may never actually find such a prince. BUT he looks and looks and looks. From time to time he may “test drive” a noble fellow here or there. This PRINCE will court prospects on the NET for months even years. He can be a long-term pen pal. He will travel coast to coast for romantic meetings with prospects. Few actual men could ever live up to these lofty expectations – but he SEEKS and SEEKS and often never finds. IF he finds he may toss his wife over in a New York minute ONLY to find that “idols indeed have feet of clay”. SIGH! He is here SCOUTING all the INTRO’s and PERSONALS posted. He may reply to you ALWAYS demanding pics or very graphic details – and may become an email pal for months. He too is most welcome here and we wish him well.

Interesting read.
See my blogs for Tops and Bottoms for more interesting man juice.


12 thoughts on “U Selfish Greedy BI M*thaFucka!

  1. I think im the only one who doesn’t believe in bi-sexuality. But for me, sexuality goes beyond just who you have sex with… cuz honestly, men can and do have sex with anything. Even a hole in the wall…

    1. And most of the times, they do! LOL Those white men will stick their dick in a glory hole all in hopes of oral pleasure…. Until the day some crazy asshole has a hungry Doberman is on the other side.

      Personally, I couldn’t stick any limb in some hole. Its very “What’s Behind the Dark Side” to me.

    2. But I do believe bi sexuality exists in some people. Look, some people were raised greedy and they want their cake, chocolate, and Fritos for a later date. Women are “ok” with experimenting because it is looked at as “sexy” – wheras men are looked at as disgusting but they still do it in college dorm hazings and late night “store” runs in cruising parks. Lol

      1. But for me, it has to do with the emotional side as well. Are these men emotionally attracted to other men? If not than its not the guy they’re attracted to… its the sex or the idea of sex with a man that they like. Totally detached from who it’s with. Women are ‘ok’ with ‘experimenting’ because society says its okay for them (especially the snow flakes). Me have the same curiosity but are put in a box where it isn’t okay to explore those things so they’re expressed in situation where its sort of okay like… frat hazing, cruising anonymously, and so forth. But at the end of the day, in my opinion, its about who you wanna wake up in the morning and see.

        1. I have always felt that a man truly falls for another man when he finds one that doesn’t do what every other man before him has done. Some men will be put under your spell just by your personality alone. If they are use to thristy Foxes droppin their drawz all willy nilly but you come along and spark a mental challenge, you may just break the cycle with him.

          Then there are others who fall in love (lust) with u because your sex is bananas. Its all in luck and what hand u play, imo.

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