You open the door, wondering what is going on.
I’m standing there in an police officer’s uniform with badge in hand.

“Is this Wolf’s residence?” I ask.
“Yes it is,” you reply.
“Are you Mister Wolf?”
“Yes I am…”

I proceed to slam you up against the wall and pull your hands behind you back, handcuffing you.

“Well you are under arrest. Anything you say or do
will be used against you in a court of law.”


“What did I do?” you yell, as I push your head into the wall.

I turn you around and I push up onto the couch.

“I know my rights!” you start yelling, feeling a tad nervous.
“Shut the fuck up!” I yell back at you, spitting on your floor.
“How you just going to spit on my floor?” You ask.
“Shut the fuck up!”

I take my glasses off so you can see my brown eyes.
You are much bigger and taller than me, by far.
You are a muscular Wolf who could probably break me in pieces…
…and I am a slim toned Fox, with a pair of deadly handcuffs.

Is there anything I can do? I can’t go to jail. I play ball.” you ask, begging.
“Nope. We been looking for you for a long time.” I reply, putting my hands on my waist.
“Please. I’ll do anything…”
“Yes… anything….”

I take my hands and squeeze your already hard dick underneath your sweats. I pull you by your t-shirt collar to stand you up. I get on my knees and my trace my mouth along your hard pipe.

“You willing to do anything to get out of this?” I ask, looking up at you.

You shake your head and close your eyes.
I stand up and unbuckle my pants.

“Well, you are going to have to eat me out and then I’ll think about it.”

I drop my pants and boxer briefs to the floor.
I push you onto the ground and straddle your muscular body.

“Whats it gonna be?” I ask.
“Get on-top of my face then.” You reply, still handcuffed and a look of innocence in your eyes. For the first time, your bad ass looks like a virgin.

I crawl across your massive body and sit myself on-top of your already protruding tongue. I spread my cheeks and you start to flick your tongue back and forth against my hole. You start eating my ass like you have a point to prove.

“Oh shit!” I exclaim, biting my lips and moaning all crazy.

I lay down on the floor in the “face down; ass up” position. You get on your knees and bury your face in my tight cheeks. You swirl your tongue all through my hole, darting it back and forth inside. You slide your tongue up my crack and trace it all the down underneath my sack. I could feel my toes curling. You were a man who was seriously not trying to go to jail.

“FUCKKKKKKK!” I exhale.
“Can I stick this pipe in ya ass baby?” you ask.

I stand up and look at you.

“Nope. Like I said, we been looking for you for a long time.
It is time you head to jail.”
“But you said if I did anything…”
“I lied.”

I put my shit back on and pull you up by your bicep.

“Thanks for the head.”

Written by Jamari Fox.
(c) 10.29.10 -11:00am

12 thoughts on “rOLE pLAY

  1. YngBlkWolf :

    But I thought you liked it when I’m bad?

    And IDK what they’re called now…on a girl it’d be henry, but hey, all I know is I can get in there with my tongue regardless… ;-)

    Oh I love it when you are bad. You smash it up better.

    and henry? LOL new one….

  2. Dayum, that’s fugged up baby; how you gonna do me like that? At least you coulda let me hit it one last time…

    And technically, that was a rim job, not head… 😉

    1. Well baby, if you weren’t bad then you wouldn’t be on punishment…

      …..But I may miss that “rim job” cause your tongue game is…. Damn.

      And are we still calling them rim jobs these days?

      1. But I thought you liked it when I’m bad?

        And IDK what they’re called now…on a girl it’d be henry, but hey, all I know is I can get in there with my tongue regardless… 😉

  3. by the description I know you are not writing about one of T.I. arrest but it sure sounds like former NY Giant Lawrence Taylor …. (can’t be Plaxico he too skinny)

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