Two Can Keep A Secret… If One of Them Is Dead.

“Nothing, sup with you?”
“Who knew I would meet you on a chat site.”
“I had a feeling you got down.”
“Was I obvious?”
“Just to me…”
“Oh ok cool…”
“What are you looking for?”
“Just someone to get down with, ya know?”
“Are you out?”
“Hell naw!”
“Lol juss asking…”
“Naw, I’m private. Just discreet with it…”

You got him.
He could have been a classmate,
a work colleague,
or even that dude you see every time you go to the bodega.
Those who are lucky got that Baller they were scheming on.
But in a word of sex, lies, and outings

Can he trust you?

What is “keeping a secret” in this lifestyle?
I think people do not know the definition of a “secret”.
A secret does not mean running to whoever has an ear and blabbing over a cock-tail.
A secret does mean respecting the wishes of someone who told you something in confidence.
Let these Rainbow Warriors In Christ tell it that everyone should be out of the closet.

When you meet someone like this:

or this

you want to tell at least someone.
But in this game,
some secrets we keep should never be told.
In fact…
the higher up the food chain you go,
the more your mouth should stay closed.
Can you keep all your word vomit down from your friends (or potential enemies)?
And, why do Baller Wolves (or Wolves in general) end up messing with people who cannot keep their secrets?

So c’mere, I want to ask you something…

Can you keep a secret?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Two Can Keep A Secret… If One of Them Is Dead.”

  1. I can. I literally keep all of my business to myself. My friends only know enough to have a functional conversation. Nothing more.

    1. I don’t tell anybody a DAMN thing!! People talk to much these days. My business is MY business and if my friends tell me something I’m gonna keep it to myself.

      1. I’m with you on this one. I will add that unless you are with me when it happens, or it does not concern you, you will never hear about it from me.

  2. Yea I’m pretty good at keeping secrets. I don’t want anyone to tell my biz so my mouth stays closed. I’m a private person, so I don’t share secrets with others, period.

  3. I have become very private by nature. I am an open book. Nothing you can say about me that I won’t put out there but I don’t tell people my business because people always want to get the latest dirt on you.

    1. ^it kills me in this lifestyle how everyone knows everyone’s business,
      Who is escorting,
      Who has HIV,
      And other things that should be personal.
      I don’t get how people find out those things about others.
      Do people have no shame?

  4. Moms always said “A secret stops being a secret the moment you say to some one…” “Hey I gotta secret”

  5. Family and friends tell me a lot of their business because they know that I don’t share it with others. I have been than confidante since high school. What I know will be buried with me.

  6. Yep. I always ask permission if I can tell something anything, even if it’s about the shoes you’re wearing. People know I’m not going to put their business in the street because Idon’t put mine in. Even my closest friends still think of me as a slight mystery. And that’s how I like it.

  7. why is it hard to keep a secret if you’re a man? and why should your mouth itch you to tell? You’re messing with them and thats all the secret you need to know. I never understand dudes who feel the need to always open their mouth

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