Two Can Keep A Secret… If One of Them Is Dead.

“Nothing, sup with you?”
“Who knew I would meet you on a chat site.”
“I had a feeling you got down.”
“Was I obvious?”
“Just to me…”
“Oh ok cool…”
“What are you looking for?”
“Just someone to get down with, ya know?”
“Are you out?”
“Hell naw!”
“Lol juss asking…”
“Naw, I’m private. Just discreet with it…”

You got him.
He could have been a classmate,
a work colleague,
or even that dude you see every time you go to the bodega.
Those who are lucky got that Baller they were scheming on.
But in a word of sex, lies, and outings

Can he trust you?

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Asking To Suck Your D*ck Is The New Thirsty

Online “searching” can be very interesting.

You can meet the weirdest birds at the click of a mouse.
We got people who are suddenly brolic behind a key board.
Insane people trying to blend in as regularĀ  individuals.
And for whatever reason, people who are obsessed with their favorite celebs to the point of CRAZY.
I often wonder what these people are like in their day to day.
For someone like me who is completely sane and normal, I am usually shocked at what I read.
Sometimes I think only the bottom of the barrel hang out online.
Those who are socially challenged and mildly retarded.
But for those who us who are regular Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids…

Are we simply just wasting our time??

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