Train Ride on Dem Cheeks

I got a handful of cheeks this morning.

It would have been different if I wanted the cheeks in question.
Shit, it would have been different if I was a WOLF looking for cheeks…

So I was on my way to work when I noticed this couple come in.
I clocked sir as “something” BEFORE he was staring me down when he walked in.

Sidebar: How are you going to be staring at me,
but you look like you got an attitude problem?
Am I suppose to return the favor?
I’m good.

He was a tall, lanky, semi attractive light skinned dude who looked like he was Fonsworth Bentley’s protege.


His female was some soul sista nappy rooted love child birthed from Jill Scott and Bilal themselves.
Pretty female.
Could tell she was more into him than he was to her.
You already know why.

The train car was pretty packed and I was leaning on of the car doors, dealing with the Monday blues.
They came in and stood in the middle.
Reading the newspaper, she smiled at him like he was her Prince Charming sent from Harlem.
He was too busy stealing glances at me and entertaining her with whatever they were reading.

As the train came to various stops,
people were getting off and on,
and he started to move her closer to me.

Well, luck would have it, he was standing right infront of me.
Do you know this niggum started to push his ass back on my CROTCH??????????????

I mean he was subtly working his shit on my shit.
He was so fucking close that I was ALOT of comfortable!!!!!!!
It wasn’t THAT packed but somehow, he wanted it to be known he was a Fox and wanted this Fox to be his Wolf.

UM NO buddy.

So while she is kissing on his cheeks,
he was trying to give me his other ones.

I’m good.

I shot his ass the nastiest attitude,
because he was all in my bubble (or did he want me in his?),
when I got to my stop.

But, I had to ask myself,

“Would I have reacted differently if he was a fine Wolf?”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. No. You’d probably have tried to get those digits so u can get some of that later after the train ride. Be honest now, esp if you thought he was worthy of your getting to know or further pursuing.

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