X Marks The F0x: The Butcher’s Shop!

You know what time it is!

NFL Combine.

A week long event where prospective hopefuls
get together for coaches and GMs,
to show off which much meat will be slung on AND off the field.
They also jump, run, lift, and bend in various positions for not only them – but Foxes, Wolves, and Vixens to get ready for whats about to… cum.
And trust us, we need you fellas to CUM HARD.

It is also a good place to see the future baby daddies of easy whores.

So far, I am seeing some good new players but these:






*Usher voice* OMG…

Those arm and chest all you can eat buffet is really doing a # on my inner thighs.

See #81…
you could have had the whole Fox for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
But now, I’m hunting for your replacement.

Go to THE BUTCHER’S SHOP to see more

Foxes: Any potentials you see that could fit?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: The Butcher’s Shop!”

  1. They’re all so fine. How can one choose?!!! wolf or fox, i’ll take them all.

    Wait…i’ve decided. who is that #23 at 2minutes in that 3rd video. He is the One.

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