they tried to take jussie smollett outta here last night

ive spent the most of my day in sadness,
and disbelief.
one of the stars of “empire” and the nicest celebs i’ve heard about,
jussie smollett,
was attacked by alleged maga supporters last night.
^that picture i posted had this caption:

…and this video in his stories:

…was shortly before the incident.
this is what “tmz” had to say…


Empire” star Jussie Smollett was brutally attacked by 2 men who beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, “This is MAGA country.”

Sources directly connected to Jussie tell TMZ, the actor arrived in Chicago from New York late Monday, and at around 2 AM he was hungry and went to a Subway. We’re told when shortly after he walked out on his way home, someone yelled, “Aren’t you that f***ot ‘Empire’ n*****?” 

The 2 men — both white and wearing ski masks — viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib. They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, “This is MAGA country.” 

Jussie took himself to Northwestern Memorial where he was treated. He was discharged later Tuesday morning.

ThatGrapeJuice.Net first posted this letter which was sent to Fox Studios in Chicago with cut out letters spelling, “You will die black f**.” Our sources say the letter was sent 8 days ago.

The envelope the letter arrived in appears to say MAGA in the upper left corner.

director of “empire”,
lee daniels,
posted a facetime shot of jussie:

…but he later erased it.

now i posted on my twitter that this seemed like an alleged set up.
i questioned how can hyenas,
walking around cold ass chicago,
with bleach and a damn noose,
were on the hunt looking to attack the innocent.
i had to remember these are scary AF times we live in.
we aren’t safe.
from black,
or both,
this president has a vicious stan base that has no fucks to give.

they are saying the entire “empire” staff will have armed guards going forward.
jussie is one of the foxhole favs.
he minds his business and stays out of trouble.
he is one of my non problematic gay favs within the industry.
the foxhole sends our prayers and good energy for his healing.
may they catch the bastards that did this and put thier heads on spikes.
i been watching too much “game of thrones”.
stay up jussie!
we are in your corner for this fight.

lowkey: will that orange pig address this?
probably not and don’t hold your breath waiting.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “they tried to take jussie smollett outta here last night”

  1. The Chicago Police has said there are no reports of “maga country” being said by the attackers. Until Jussie confirms this I think we need to lay off the theatrics. Only gossip rags, uninformed people on social media, and blogs are carrying the maga story. No credible agencies are citing this as fact.

    Just saying, we’ve been lied to before.

    1. @Jamari

      Did you read anything I posted? Don’t attempt to put words in my mouth. You know I am one of the loudest voices on this site when it comes to bigotry and homophobia! I said no credible sources are reporting anything about “maga”. No if you wanna run with the story be my guess. I’ll simply wait for Jussie to shine more light on the incident.

  2. NBC confirmed that the words MAGA was shouted at him, while they attacked him, poured bleach, broke his ribs. I was just watching EXTRA and they confirmed that he had received race related hate mail in the last few weeks.. These wore posted on air.
    I’m amazed that Black Peg. whatever his rass Claat name is acts like he doesn’t believe that the man was attacked. Massa messenger… Jamari do your thing, don’t listen a rass to those who choose to deny even when it’s staring U them in their rass face.. They have been around during the struggle, ignore dem.

  3. As far as what has been/is being reported goes, I’ll reserve my opinion until further notice….

    NOW! I WILL comment on people’s RESPONSE to what has been reported ’cause some comments pissed me the f*ck off. I’m sick and tired of non-black (particularly white) gays and black heterosexuals a) telling me (a black gay man) how I should feel about situations like this AS IF they know my experience better than me and b) using said situations to further their respective anti-black or homophobic agendas.

    Gays: “Ugh! Look at all that rampant homophobia in the black community. See, this is why you should put up with my anti-black racism and fetishization.”

    Straight Blacks: “Look! Ya’ll sissies thought the LGBT community loved ya’ll and ya’ll still suffering racism, so I don’t know why ya’ll have such an issue with me calling ya’ll ‘f*gs.’ Ya’ll just too sensitive and make everything a big deal!”

    At this point, they’re all trash! Rant over…

  4. My brothers im telling you white people arent to be trusted history has shown us over and over every thing malcolm x said was truth the white devil indeed is our enemy just look around its two americas fuck em

    1. White people love to demonize black and brown people and it’s exhausting. First black people were the menaces to society, then muslims were the terrorists who were a threat to the democracy of this country and now hispanics are rapists and murderers who are looking to sneak in to the country. They just totally forgot about people like Timothy Mcveigh, Stephen Paddock and Adam Lanza.
      They are just miserable, vile, hateful people.

  5. I heard Jussie was dealing with a baller wolf prior to dating Tawan. There’s speculation that the baller wolf is bitter and set Jussie up because they ended badly.

    I love Jussie’s spirit regardless, and he will heal from this, but something’s fishy.

  6. I’ve seen pics of Jussie with Tawan from early 2017 so I find it hard to believe that an ex is going to wait damn near two years to get revenge.There are tons of rumors on gossip sites and blogs.I will focus on what we know based on what he told the police happened.Chicago PD said he is fully cooperating with the investigation.I pray that he heals psychologically and emotionally from this attack.
    BTW I don’t care if they were wearing MAGA caps or not. Most bigots don’t.

    1. You would be surprised. People hold bitterness for a VERY long time! 2017 is ‘recent’ to someone holding a grudge.

      1. I’ve read hundreds of other rumors and theories so I guess that that one can be added to the bunch. I had heard that it was a hoax(he faked the attack),to the men couldn’t be Trump supporters because white Trump supporters don’t watch Empire,etc.

        I believe he was attacked and I hope his attackers are caught.I hope that he is OK.

        1. What are you talking about there’s racist white people Watch black people shows they were looking for him they found him at his home

  7. This disgusted me. The fact that this bullshit is happening. 2019. Amerikkka.

    I like Jussie too, he’s really likeable. He minds his own business and is for the people. He’s always seemed like a grounded guy who wasn’t too caught up in the Hollywood scene despite his mainstream attention. He’s getting tons of support from celebrities though, which says a lot. He seems like a good guy.

    Also I’ve noticed that this attack is being framed as a homophobic attack rather than a hate crime altogether, it may sound trivial to some but this was also racially motivated. Lets not outweigh one attack over the other, both are just as disgusting.

    I hope he pulls through!

  8. I dunno. This is definitely a setup. For one, he was stalked. No one is walking around carrying a noose and bleach randomly. There are elements to this story that don’t make sense. I’m hearing some say the attackers were white, while other sources say the faces we’re concealed, with no race or concealed and white.

    This attack reecks of jealousy/envy. I’d be careful with MAGA stuff. This is this time that folks will throw out things to cause more separation.

    Either way, this was a set-up for sure. Could have been anyone. For all we know it could have secretly been Lee Daniels…🙄

    I keep saying things gon’ keep getting worse though. Makes me wonder some times tho because for someone to know he was there and at that location at that time, wearing ski masks and having bleach and a noose…nah, this has to be premeditated and it doesn’t necessarily have to be orchestrated by Whites either.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of people mention the Lee Daniels thing, and to be honest he is a weird individual. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a set-up because Chicago is cold as fuck right now and I doubt these dudes were just standing around with masks, bleach and nouse. Not to mention they knew where to send those hate letters.

  9. Another reason why I’m highly suspicious is that letter. Look how it’s constructed…and in such an artistic fashion with the magazine clippings. Only two types will do that. Serial Killers & Stalkers.

    Jussie ain’t dead so whoever set this up is someone he knows and someone who took the time to craft this out delicately. A stalker or someone he used to be closed to. Ain’t no random hate crime going on here.. Someone set this up. Lee, girl, is you reading this? (Jus kidding..)

    Anyways, my rule of thumb is this….When things like this happen and with this sort of delicate timing and detail…there are usually one (or all ) of these things involved behind the source:

    Sex, Money, and Jealousy

  10. i agree it’s a setup for sure. no way it’s random. he’s lucky that’s all they did. CREEPY. i also agree that lee daniels is weird AF. and why would he post that from facetime? something in the milk at clean.

  11. Well I know for sure that CBSNews and The New York Times reported that Jussie in an interview said that the attackers yelled “this is MAGA country” and not to mention that it is also written in red on the letter, so regardless, that alone gives you an idea of these attackers mentality.

      1. white celebrities did support him too That’s included Matt Bomer Many others they have it all over the gay blogs

  12. While I do my best not to be a racist/prejudice prick online….white people (not all cause I have some chill white friends) but the other ones…(the ones with that pure evil Gene) have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong history of doing three things wherever they set foot. Kill, Steal, and Destroy. They cause confusion, try to conquer and promote conflict wherever they go. They want to dominate elany and everything. They believe they are superior & even have other races think they are superior over darker skin.

    A lot of them tolerate you until you start showing out. Making more money, doing better things. No matter how many degrees we have, some will still look at us as the Ghetto Niggers, Thugs, Rap listening baby mama drama, welfare folks.

    And then you have real sometime coons like Le… I mean black folks who side with whites to get a higher status. It’s a dog eat world we live in in these times because wulie we day Black Lives Matter, some of our own will set us up to be killed too.

    I’d also advise Foxholers to take up a martial art. I wish a heterobot would try it…Get y’all some lessons in because homophobots like intances like this and will try you. Beat they ass if they do.

    1. Jammy you spitting nothing but facts when it comes to the white folks! @TheDarkMagician I agree with you, Jussie should have taken those letters seriously and hired security.

  13. I’m not gonna hold you, but somebody is LYING.

    Imma play Devil’s Advocate. Who in Chicago is going to be up 2am with bleach, a noose, and mask just posted up? I don’t even think it was Trump supporters who did it to be honest. It’s easy to blame faceless MAGA supporters cause they’re always doing fuck shit. He was set up.

    I saw someone mention the name Jabari Parker. He plays for the Bulls so he would have money and influence in Chicago to pay somebody to fuck up Jussie. Maybe the guys who did it weren’t real Trump supporters and just said that or Jussie lied and said that so it wouldn’t be connected to any one person. If the dude is outed as being a real love interest of Jussie’s, his basketball career (to him) may be over. If it’s a lover’s spat, that makes the theory all the more credible. Or Jussie was outside looking for something extra at that time of night….

    The other things are the letters. If he was getting letters prior to this, what police department was responsible for looking into that? Why would he post on social media what city he was traveling to? Why wouldn’t he take that threat seriously and hire a security detail or a bodyguard? He knows or has an idea who did it, but if he mentions names, its gonna be worse than what he got.

    I hope that he heals spiritually, physically, and emotionally from this, but I don’t believe his story. I hope he’s not lying, but I believe that he is lying and if he is, the LGBT community is gonna take a major L for that, especially if there is something sexual involved.

  14. I’ve calmed down since yesterday after arguing with racist or anti-gay bigots about this, so I’m going to give a more mature response…

    So, as of the past few hours, a spokesman for the Chicago P.D. (see link below) has released two (albeit poor quality) pictures of two men walking down a street less than a minute’s walk for the Subway Smollett was at. The authorities are saying these two men are POTENTIAL suspects and they’re not for sure. If these two men were the one’s that committed the racist and homophobic assault of Smollett than his (Smollett’s) side of the story begins to make sense. However, the pics don’t show the two men with bleach, a rope, or MAGA hats.


    Honestly, this mess has gotten out of hand. Even if everything that Smollett said comes out to be undeniably true. Hardcore, intellectually-dishonest, racist Trump supporters will still say it’s a “false flag” and “hoax.” So many have taken the very little evidence given from this incident and spun a whole narrative to fuel their respective agendas. The story is still unfolding…time will only tell.

    Sidenote: This is why I try to keep a low profile of social media. You’re showing hundreds of thousands of strangers almost every bit of your personal life (i.e., where you eat, what the inside of your house looks like, what music you listen to, your habits, etc.) and revealing your location to the world without a single care in the world. Please be more careful…

  15. Chi…I hope this wasn’t a Jackd meet up gone wrong… Just saying.

    We know he was set it up tbo.. It was obvious. The fact that he isn’t dead also proves something else. And not to throw this issue aside but let’s not take our mind off how Trump has fked up y’all government and continues too…

    He doing exactly what THEY do. Steal, Kill and Destroy. America is in shambles and folks still arguing about what the bible said with folks that don’t even practice what they preach..

    Y’all better stop arguing with those ignorant heterosexuals. They’ve already received their reward, let them waddle in their ignorance. They break almost every other biblical commandment daily. I wouldnt even waste my breath on such foolish and unlearned conversations with them because they are and probably will remain ignorant since they are followers and not leaders. They speak from truth but continue to live a lie. Oh well.

    Even if these were the MAGA supporters, the racists and homophobes still exist…and feel like Trump’s reign has empowered them. There’s also some black MAGA supporters who look like the cast of Dawson Creek and feel empowered to. Likely the privileged uppity wanna be Dear White People cast.

    Hope things turn out well but last year some of us mentioned how 2019 was going to be a mess for the half portion.

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