The Wolf With The Big Ass Hips

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-9-52-13-pmit’s like…
when i see a wolf pop down my tumblr feed,
the foxhole never fails to alert me on who he is.
i don’t even have to ask.
the wolf is just connected to someone.
i saw ^that wolf on tumblr,
with those thick ass legs,
and i asked myself

“…The FUCK is he?”

well the foxhole read my mind for the update.
everyone meet @punkassdeejay

he is thick af:

it’s like he is shaped like a vixen and a wolf.
if that makes sense?
i’m getting a slight “fuck jackal” scent tho.
i could be wrong.
i’ll allow @punkassdeejay and his big hips tho.

lowkey: he reminds me of the “girlfriends” episode.
the one when joan dated that wolf with the big hips:

how do you ever fuck a wolf like that?
you gotta ride him only?
i feel @punkassdeejay has secrets.
another scent i smell.

pictures and video credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “The Wolf With The Big Ass Hips”

    1. Ha, I noticed that too…hmmm I’m on the fence with this one…he’s the type that if he were to slip on his workouts, his lower half would start to lean a lot more towards that vixen side..there’s nothin wrong with womanly hips on a man, jus def not for the kid here.

  1. Well…if y’all are not here for him then I am. Even though he has a nice body, forget it for a second, he is handsome as hell. My type of man right here.

    1. Ikr?THAT man does’t work, but George Hill does? LOL I don’t get it, but at least there’s more for me!

      I would welcome this sculpted adonis with open arms, no questions asked. He’s great!

  2. Is that honey I smell in the hibiscus tea? Let’s stop equating beefy, thick, muscular with masculine and wolf traits. We all know, the bigger they are, the louder they scream. Ijs. Nothing wrong with it but not for me.

    1. Let’s stop with this whole masc vs fem nonsense period because it’s fucking stupid. It;s always the ones who go around proclaiming how masculine they are and masc this and masc that, who as soon as you put a dick in them they hitting high notes like Mariah Carey, yet they want to throw shade at those they consider fem. All that mess stems from patriarchal brainwashing and internalized homophobia

      1. Agreed. It’s REALLY getting old and tired. It’s time for us as a people to grow up. We are the gay and bi men/women out here, we need to be the ones defining what that means as opposed to trying to conform to heteronormative associations.

        No one needs to be “into it” but people should be more educated and considerate. No shade to the OP but just a general thought.

        Even if he IS “more feminine” or whatever that means (where is the evidence? Just the pictures alone?), there are plenty of people who wouldn’t be bothered by something so…trivial.

  3. Ive had the biggest crush on him for years now. He’s actually best friends with your Meat (742) oddly enough. Part of me thinks there’s more going on there but that’s just speculation.

  4. He’s badder than a lot of these other dudes ya’ll drool over lol

    No ass? I have the screenshot of him stripping with his ass out that he posted and shortly deleted lol

      1. Look Jamari, I love you like a brother, but you can’t have full access to the Booty Database.

        Its sacred and you might never look at me the same again lol

    1. I’d like to see it too, cause I peeped the squat vid again, which is the only thing I can go by, and nope…don’t see it…maybe the wider hippage is negating that illusion for me *shrugs*

  5. I LOVE THIS SITE AND YOU FOR CREATING IT, JAMARI. I love the foxhole too. My God, my God. When I get my raise the beginning of the year you can count on my donation. Seriously!!!

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