The Things You Do When You Have Good Dick In Your Life (3)

wolf put me in the doggy style position.
he told me to arch my back and lift my ass up….
he stood up on both legs on the bed.
he liked better leverage.
he slowly stuck his lubed and covered pipe inside me.
i was ready to get this amazing pipe that i couldn’t wait for any longer.
dude was slowly jerking his dick and looking forward for what was about to go down…

wolf started moving himself up and down like an oil drill.
i could feel all my wetness help him slide in deeper.
my walls massaged his pipe with every stroke.
he put both of his hands on my shoulders and started getting into a smoother stroke.
i pushed my hands back to tell him he was going too deep.

“get your hands off me…”
“put your hands down…”

i obeyed.
he was showing out tonight.
well we did have a guest.
the sounds of my ass slapping against his skin was like heaven to my ears.
i liked it when he put in work.
he knew when to slow down and when you go crazy.
i gripped on to the sheets as wolf took my body on a joyride.

“oh shit…” i moaned.
he went threw his back into my hole.
“you like this?”
wolf smacked me hard on my ass.
“i can’t hear you…”he smacked me harder.
“he can’t hear you…”

wolf stood still.
i started to take control and bounce my ass on his dick.
i raised off from it.
put it back inside.
he just stood there looking down.
if he liked something i did,
he would slap me on my ass.
wolf pulled himself out and slapped me on my ass to turn over.
i laid on my back and spread my legs completely to the sides.
he went right back to work.
as wolf was pumping my brains out,
i motioned for dude to come over to the bed.
he got up instantly and walked over to us.
i told him lean down.
he did.
i started to kiss his lips.
he had some fat and juicy bubbles.
after he finished kissing me,
he started to jack off a lot aggressively.
his dick was looking right at me.
i looked at wolf.
wolf looked at me.
he then started to fuck me a lot more aggressively.
i pulled wolf down on top of me and started tongue kissing the hell out of him.
i was feeling something.
a connection maybe.
not with dude.
with wolf.
for that moment,
i felt like he was mine.
i felt like i owned that dick and was in complete control.
wolf leaned up and pushed both on my legs back.
my feet were touching my ears.

“oh baby this hurts…” i moaned.
“shut the fuck up.” he replied.

he knows i love that disrespectful shit.
wolf worked me out in that position for 10 minutes.
it was about that time.
you know…

“i’m bout to cum…” dude said as he jacked the life out his dick.
“shit.. me too…” wolf moaned.

i knew when he was ready to bust.
his mouth started to open and his eyes started to lower.
he looked up at the ceiling to concentrate.
i knew it was a matter of time he was about to nut.
i pulled on his nipples because i knew that got him off a lot harder.

“i want you both to cum on my chest.”

dude moved closer.
wolf pulled out and pulled the condom off.
they both stood over me.
moaning extra loud.
saying all kinds of expletives.
they left fat nuts all over my torso.
it was nasty.
it was in the moment.
i didn’t care.
i looked at their satisfied faces.
i was happy.


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 2.12.13 1:30pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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