the rona is coming for black folks like the aids crisis in the 80s?

i had a feeling the narrative was gonna change pretty quickly.
black folks are about to be the face of the coronavirus.
as much as i’ve seen many white people die,
i’m seeing a large amount of black folks perishing in these forests.
dr. anthony fauci,
a member of the white house rona task force,
is comparing it to the aids epidemic with black gays back in the 90s.
this is what “the daily mail” had to report…

The top infectious disease expert in the United States has compared the alarming coronavirus death toll among African Americans to the affect the AIDS pandemic has had on gay men.  

Dr Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, drew the comparison on Tuesday after it emerged that data was showing an increasing number of African Americans have been dying of COVID-19 in a number of states. 

The coronavirus death toll across the US is now at more than 12,900 and the number of infections has surpassed 400,000.  

Not every state is reporting COVID-19 deaths in relation to race, but the areas that have show a grim reality: Black Americans are facing higher rates of coronavirus deaths.   

Dr Fauci, who has been director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984 and is the top coronavirus expert in the US, said much of his career has been defined by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 

He said that the disproportionate toll of African Americans dying from coronavirus could shine a light on the ‘real weaknesses and foibles in our society’ – similarly to what happened when the AIDS pandemic reached its peak in the 1990s. 

i guess they have to change it from being a “chinese virus“,
as trump so kindly put it.
i’m so confused why the narrative has changed?
it could be propaganda or it could be some real shit,
but it is very scary to think we have become the target.
i really need black folks to be more vigilant.
my black vixen friends told me that even during self isolation and quarantine,
black wolves still trying to sneak to get pussy.

“You not gonna get the coronavirus.
Come thru…”


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Almost shot a nigga at the grocery store….

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hell i see gays still trying to hook up/hooking up on social media.
the number of “us” i see on my block without gloves and masks is crazy to me.
i don’t many of “us” are gonna take it seriously until it’s too late.
to compare this to the aids crisis is eye opening.
this might be the weapon of mass destruction sent to destroy us.
stay woke.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “the rona is coming for black folks like the aids crisis in the 80s?”

  1. Or maybe because just like with a lot of issues doctors and healthcare professionals don’t take our concerns serious and sends us home and tells us to self medicate!

    The Chinese created it, the whites spread it and now they’re trying to pin this on us but best believe once this becomes a “black disease” everything in America will be back to normal..

    1. @Kevin: “best believe once this becomes a “black disease” everything in America will be back to normal..”…I’ve said the EXACT SAME THING to my friends.

  2. Why does mankind need to penalise anyone by race, or sexuality? We are all human, we are all the same.
    No one has sent the virus to wipe out specific people. It is just hurtful words.

    Such an inciteful worded post, thankyou.

    Love Alexa,

  3. I don’t believe it!! Where are these numbers coming from?? They’re always quick to blame black folks, just like welfare, they swear up and down that more blacks are on welfare than whites. If it’s true you know we’ll get turned away by many hospitals and doctors just for being black. GTFOH!!! And if you out here fucking around, you’re a Damm fool!

  4. They’ll always try to sell you a narrative but never explain the “whys” Behind it! There is nothing about being black that just CAUSES you to succumb quicker, I’m gonna take an educated guess and say it has to due with Corona’s biggest casualty factor being that it affects underlying Health issues such as diabetes (which a lot of us have due to traditional “soul foods”) also in the black community we are less likely to go to the doctor, needing to see a Doctor is very taboo in the black community and a lot of us would sooner use (again traditionally handed down) home remedies as oppose to seeking medical attention until it’s too late, lastly I’m gonna assume a lack of general exercise (especially among those older) has left us a little more Susceptible to the Viruses negative Affect in the lungs

  5. I knew we would be disproportionately affected by this disease almost month ago.Back when I read the CDC’s list of medical conditions that increase the risk of SEVERE manifestation of COVID-19 included diabetes,chronic kidney disease,lung disease(asthma),high blood pressure,lupus,etc.conditions that disproportionately affect the black community.

    The mayor of Chicago said 72% of their deaths have been black while blacks make up 30% of the population.The first person to die in Illinois was a black women.In the State of Michigan blacks make up about 14% of the population a few days ago they made up 35% of the cases and 40% of the deaths.Blacks make up most of the cases in Milwaukee.Most city and states won’t release race demographics on COVID 19 patients or deaths so we will never know the real numbers.

    Coincidentally I took the COVID 19 test yesterday.I have been experiencing headaches,body aches,dry cough,sore throat,sneezing and I have been taking cold/flu medicine but it won’t go away.So I went online did a self assessment tool(screening) received an ID # called a triage nurse.She asked me a lot of questions and then asked me which of two locations I wanted to go to for drive thru test.It took about 40 minutes to go through line there were only about 50 cars.They said they would call me in 3-5 days with results and told me to self quarantine at home.The test was free through my county ,Harris County.

      1. Thank you ❤
        Fortunately I haven’t a fever,shortness of breath,chest tightness or loss of taste or smell so didn’t I think I would qualify to get a free test.But since I did, why not take it to be on the safe side.Knowledge is power ☺

  6. Be careful, people out here are claiming to be health workers scheming $200 to give false test. A Fort-Lauderdale girl just die of underlying health condition at 29yrs old. I hope your condition is not serious Y Colette and hope for a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks ❤

      Oh yeah I saw a report on the evening news about some fake “pop up” drive thru scam test sites.The fake workers were dressed in white HAZMAT suits.Check out any private company out with your local BBB or maybe your 211 or health dept or city/county info line.

  7. There has been mistrust of the healthcare system within our community for decades. Due to black people being test uninformed test subjects for decades, and now the immense financial burden regular visits to the doctor can cost. We have a system where healthcare is for the rich. In NYC Latinos are the hardest hit with blacks people coming in second.

  8. Its nothing were doing wrong unless been born black I’n America is our fault we always get hit hard but we bounce back that’s why more of us go to heaven and most of them are in hell period god got us

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