i did it.

so i did it.
i finally have done it.
it took a while,
but i been in serious need

I have my first therapy appointment tomorrow!

you know i’ve been in need of a therapist.
i’ve been dealing with a lot of trauma for these last few years.
they have had me feeling pretty stagnant.
the rona brought up so much issues within me.
i had to confront shit that literally broke me down.
since i got insurance from the state,
i decided to start looking for someone to talk to.
i called one number a couple days ago and he called me back today.
so tomorrow afternoon,
we have our first “mental health” date!
as you can tell,
i’m so excited about this.

low-key: i feel a major shift has happened in my life recently.
i can’t explain it,
but i feel good.

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17 thoughts on “i did it.”

  1. Good for you, we all could use a little mental tlc. Hopefully this will lead you to conquering ya inner demons and realizing your greatness my brother. Good luck.

  2. Good to hear, I can’t wait to get back in it I miss having a professional to talk to. Sending nothing but positive vibes your way.

  3. That’s great new Jamari, U are a very insightful. intelligent man, U can only benefit from it. As a psychotherapist myself, I recently retired from my practice after about 30 years in the field. it will be beneficial to u.

  4. Nice! I had my first one (in 17 years) a little over a month ago. I have to say I’m so glad i did it…especially now with all that has happened since. Proud of you, Foxie!

  5. That’s good to hear. I’ve had a therapist in the past and it’s very helpful to a professional objective voice to talk to.

  6. I’m excited for you fox. I think we all know how much this will mean to you, especially in a time like this. I really hope that you can connect & feel safe so that you can open up & get down to doing the work. You’ll come out of this with a much shinier mental coat!

  7. This is a step of the right direction. Im glad you are taking care of self and doing what needs to be done.

  8. Yayy!! Good for you Jamari! I can’t wait to be looking into it as well. Are you going to the office or just doing a digital session? I’d be scared to leave my house in NY right now!

    Regardless it’s an investment. I’m hapy you’re going to be taken care of!

  9. I hope you’re doing it through Zoom or Skype. Don’t drag your therapist like Molly did and don’t be afraid to change therapists if they’re not a good fit for you. Being from the Caribbean, an African-American therapist might not understand that culture shock.

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