foxmail: i asked him to send me a video of his pecs bouncing, but i don’t know if he’s straight. help!


Long time dweller in the forest, huge fan!
Hope the virus isn’t doing too much harm in the concrete forest.

Question, I met this guy, snow wolf, or possibly bunny, (trying to figure out) I believe is the term you use. Overall still good looking.

I’m emailing you because I’ve never been with a guy before and wanted to get your temperature.

So, we workout together, eat at local restaurants, have drink. I offered to pay for a least out lunch one time he was like “no I got it.”

Recently he sent me pics of him flexing his muscles. He’s not bodybuilder, but wouldn’t get kicked out of bed.

So I wanted to see if there’s an interest, I asked him to send video of himself pec bouncing, to my surprise he did, which I enjoyed and still do enjoy.

The question, is this a good sign of interest?

Cause as I told him, “the cowboy is ready for the man of steel when the virus shut down.”



hey reader!
thank you for checking in within your foxmail!
new yawk is dealing with a lot during the rona,
but i’m trusting The Universe to keep me protected.

as far as your question,
the biggest part was:

– He sent you a video of him bouncing his pecs

sidebar: if a wolf i was interested in ever sent me his pecs bouncing…

or flexing his biceps

now let’s unpack.
some males today are narcissistic af.
you can gas up some males and they’ll do whatever if they feel comfortable.
work wolf would let me touch him even though he may have been straight.
ive said suspect shit to him about his bawdy and he didn’t fly off the handle.
now this tho:

“The cowboy is ready for the man of steel when the virus shut down.

that is a bold statement to say to a straight male.

What was his response after?

if he responded something flirty,
i guess your cowboy will be riding that man of steel.
if he didn’t or changed the subject,
he could be straight and didn’t want to cross the line.
again tho,
you never know because he could spring it on you when he sees you.

you have to feel the temperature when you connect again.
i know with some straight white wolves,
they are more open to doing suspect shit than black males.
well some of these black males these days…
if he is interested,
he will definitely let you know since we are all pretty vulnerable right now.
let us know how this all ends up.
i’m pretty interested in hearing the outcome.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “foxmail: i asked him to send me a video of his pecs bouncing, but i don’t know if he’s straight. help!”

    1. See at first I was thinking the same thing but some ppl be so ready to show off that they dgaf if it’s another male or not. Especially if they were working out together, I’ve heard of more sus things being done. I the only thing the reader can do is wait.

    2. Lol plenty. Men are always comparing/contrasting their physiques just like women do. And the gym heads love showing off their bodies, be it to a man or woman.

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