The Real Owner of BigDickNotSean on MTO.

I guess they didn’t know a Fox knows his fine Wolves.
What would I be if I didn’t know what dick belong to what Wolf?

Here is the owner of BigDickNotSean on MTO

His name is DeCoyeia, lives in GA, he is a model, I want him in my Foxhole, and HE. IS. FINE.
I was sent his dick pic by a Fox and I have been hooked since.
I have been meaning to put it up, but I had other exciting entries to supply you with…
HE IS STRAIGHTbut he is so nice to look at, right?

You can visit D on his Twitter and let him know he is loved from the Foxhole.
If you are reading D, at least you got the attention you been needing to boost your career.
I don’t even see the resemblance between you and Big Sean, but whatever.
Like him, you could still get the whole Fox…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Real Owner of BigDickNotSean on MTO.”

      1. Still fuckin fysh while trying to get at you on the low with indirect language both verbal and nonverbal. Probably assuming you have telepathy and can read their thoughts as they stare at you from across a crowded room and then when you do approach they get all weird or or act out or flat out ignore you and then come at you later on when the sun goes down like “why you being like that?”

        Or something…


          or, they act like they werent looking, but they really were. Giving you this impression they were straight, when in actuality they were straight… scared.

          Wolves are more shook than Foxes. Lol Foxes are ready to get the show on the road.

  1. First of all, dayum that’s a big dick! I thought you didn’t like em that big, J? lol

    Second, anyone who looked at that pic & the one of Big Sean & got them confused is on the short bus, but since they probably read MTO religiously, I guess that’s par for the course…

  2. Why do people continue to take naked pics…that include their face or other identifiable info (like a tattoo)? Do they want to be put out there?!

  3. Yng:

    To answer your question yes most of the people who take nude pictures of themselves and either text them or post them to website in most cases are saying to the world “hey I look good all over so bask in my nude beauty lol.” I think that we live in media driven society that rewards a person for instant notoriety and so many of these attention starved individual seek internet celebrity status with a lot of personal perks via facebook, twitter, myspace, or blogs. The issue is will these people suffer in the long run posting their nude photos, because the possible social, emotional and financial repercussions for them? After all many of these people will have children, date, marry, apply for jobs, or may want to enter politics, and in these arenas having nude pictures/ amateur porn circulating the internet is a strong negative. I have a str8 buddy of mine who posted dozens of nude pictures to Nude Africa in 2006 and I always run across his pics on various gay picture sites and he was in the military and now he wants to model/act Everytime he bitches to me about seeing his pics plastered all over the internet all I tell him is see I told you so lol.

      1. Nah, probably not…I’m not sure I could in his place — I’d at least enjoy the attention — after I try to get some money from the embarassment 🙂

      2. He would want to before he contracts…
        Free AIDS/HIV, Free SARS, Free Chlamydia, Free MONO,etc
        I’m just sayin… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Let me be the first to say Decoyeia, or should I say Justin Carter, is a FAKE ASS NIGGA. Ask him about how he used to escort for dudes in Atlanta. Ask him how that pic even got out there. Ask that bum ass nigga about

    Then all of a sudden he’s not gay. PLEASE. Decoyeia has fucked all of the queens in ATL at one point. He needs to stop acting brand new and GTFOH. Now he’s a “model”.

    I hate niggas like that. Don’t forget where you came from.

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