The Pre-Baller Wolf Turned Skrippa Reheats His Meat: (326)

it’s fox day today.
fuck it.
so boipussy knows just how to do it.
he knows how to get me going.
i guess what’s how a good boi pussy should?
either way,
i went to his side of town and saw this:

tumblr_mmi3a3yJO41qi857wo1_500my shit got brick as hell.
he know how to throw it in deep

ya’ll remember foxhole vet, bolo?

tumblr_m8p6y4iKSC1qlozkho1_500pre baller wolf turned skrippa turned “let me ride that dih”.

well he some new videos i ain’t seen yet.
i dunno bout you:

he pullin’ these hoes by their hair now?
i never really got into skrippas,
but he does it for me.
i hope he lays concrete as good as he dances.

tumblr_mb2f0uMmte1qi857wo1_500 tumblr_madfpefL3l1r86gcro1_500 tumblr_mb2f2d9PZp1qi857wo1_500x his website

x his youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Pre-Baller Wolf Turned Skrippa Reheats His Meat: (326)”

    1. Hell he can give me whatever he wants…damn! I can’t be seeing stuff like this while I’m on the 9 to 5. Ugh

  1. SMH it makes no sense how much I love Bolo, this is the only regular dude on earth who will make me throw all my NFL, NBA, and Entertainment crushes to the curb. The body and his good looks, and not in a pretty boy kind of way( but I work at UPS or Im a Barber in the Hood) kinda of looks, just something about a dude who looks masculine and not too done up that gets me everytime, damn this ninja would make me trick off my rent money 🙂

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