The Past Homophobic Tweets From Erica Garner’s Ghost

so everyone is mad on the last day of 2017.
we have every right to be.
this country is slowly going to shit,
money is real funny,
and don’t get me started on no more of pecan pie at the supermarket.
that last one is all me,
but some folks are mad at a dead vixen.
erica garner.
in her fight for justice for her father who was killed by nypd,
eric garner,
she allegedly made some homophobic remarks in her past.
black twitter was barking about it this morning.
so i went sniffing around to see what i could find.

these tweets are what’s circulating:

 i was expecting something more wild spicy.

“die gays die”
“fags are going to hell”
“i kicked my gay hairdresser in the kneecaps for sucking dick”

i spoke to one of my folks on twitter because i was confused:

so since it’s being brought back up,
what are we gonna do about it?

turn her coffin over?
protest her funeral?

i’m all for a dragging when it’s needed.
if folks had the same energy about lewis hamilton,
they should have it about erica garner and her alleged homophobia.
again: i don’t know the extent of her alleged homophobia.
i’m hearing about this today for the first time.
since this is a big issue now,
i guess all she is done will be buried with her.
nothing much else to font.

x see the discussion on twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Past Homophobic Tweets From Erica Garner’s Ghost”

  1. I swear the Male Pocahontas is always in some shit I swear. Who cares at this point I keep telling black people have that same action when people are alive not when they are long gone.

    1. ^this is definitely an interesting debate.
      she definitely fought for justice for her father.
      the tweets are not all that crazy to me.
      i was expecting something real ignorant.

  2. – She tragically lost her father in an unimaginable way and led an admirable fight to get justice and bring more attn to other victims of police ridiculousness

    – She (allegedly) said some narrow-minded, stupid ish

    – She tragically lost her life waaay too prematurely and further added to the heartache and pain for her fam/friends

    All 3 of these things can be true and reconciled appropriately. MLK was a womanizer…and of course their impact/importance concerning social justice are worlds apart, but u get point…let the girl lie in peace I say.

  3. Come on, now. “In her past?” That shit says late-2016. Like someone said above, you can be sad her father was killed, and sad that she left too soon…and also notice that she was super-problematic on a personal level. These things are not mutually exclusive, and the whole idea of not bringing this up after someone is dead is insane. It’s literally one of the few times you look back over a person’s entire life to reflect.

    Anyone either only highlighting the bad or only highlighting the good are doing her a disservice, yet this “don’t speak ill of the dead” antiquated bullshit is stil with some of y’all.

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