the outcome when you tell an alleged straight male “no”

oh great.
the alleged “straights” are on gay hook up apps.
to be the best jackals and hyenas they can be.
one of foxholers reached out with a story to share.
this is the dm he sent me…

forever in your debt” for 20 dollars tho.
is that code for “i’ll suck your dick” because…

he is buggin.
i love how his true colors shined through when turned down.
this is what the foxhole had to font further:

ya’ll better be making these beggars earn this money.
the ball(s) are in your court when they need you.
if you were a vixen asking for money like that,
they’d have no issue in smuttin’ you out.
every male deserves the smut treatment tho.
read the energy.
i’ve been around enough straights to know.
it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

lowkey: why do i feel that’s a catfish account?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “the outcome when you tell an alleged straight male “no””

  1. Thanks for sharing this i appreciate it…and I’m starting to think it’s a catfish account too because after he sent that i was reading the words like this might be someone else using this mans image. Smdh especially with the he hopes i get AIDS and then he said BLACK FAGGOT. A Black Man i think would’ve just called me a faggot. I dont and have never been a sponsor for a Grown Ass Man. Barely can take care of myself

  2. I’m so weary of apps. It’s so hard being a gay man in this world. This post made me tired.

  3. Mannn…these catfishing accounts…I tell ya. Im on Surge and I cant tell u how many times dudes tried to catfish me. U gotta read the signs, like if they only have one picture (especially if its a good looking one), or if their profile not verified, or if when u ask them to send u more pics, they get mad or ignore u. Ill even go as far as to ask for their IG account of Facebook to prove its a real person, and they still be buggin.

    But thats when I screenshot the pic they got and do a reverse image search online and find the real person and tell them what happened. And then block the individual who thought they were slick, lol.

    Ive been able to find 3 real ppl who someone was using their pics to try and catfish me. And one dude was using a porn star’s pic and then wanted me to sign up on this safe meeting website to track our date just in case something happens…smh.

    But the dude that this post about, Im not surprised. I would have told his ass off and then immediately blocked him so he couldnt respond, lol.

  4. It’s probably a catfish account. They’re terrible scammers. Either way, I highly doubt dude in the pics is really the culprit and that sucks for him.

  5. Can I just say it…Just once..?

    Even if it’s possibly a catfish..Can we talk about how creepily the gays have made all the “straight” dudes do things for money?

    Ive always looked at these types of dudes like how you would if you were in Yellowstone National park…or at least down here near the bayous with the alligators.

    There are plenty of signs that say DO NOT FEED BEARS (OR ALLIGATORS).


    Because if you feed them, they are going to become habituated and assume that all humans have food and will not be afraid to approach them. However, when a human does not have food, the result will turn out to be disastrous and the animal will become aggressive provoking an attack.

    These hobosexuals (or str8s) are pretty much the same. They automatically assume that all gays are going to pay their way. Thought hobosexuals have been around for a while, they have been relatively low-key, usually sticking around individuals with low self-esteem; however, thanks to to social media, hook-up apps and onlyfans, they have evolved and are bolder than ever….showing no shame when asking for money.

    Hobosexual: Sup.

    Woke Gay: Good evening. How are you doing today.

    Thirsty Gay: Girl, He look masculine!H , Trade!!

    Hobosexual: Y’all got CashApp?

    Woke Gay: Wait, I’m sorry…I’m not here for..

    Thirsty Gay: Cash App, PayPal, Google Wallet, Venmo. Name your price. I got em all.

    Hobosexual: $100 for a 30 second jackoff video.

    Thirsty Gay: Let me check my savings account. My light bill due tomorrow but I need to jerk off tonight.

    Woke Gay: I’m sorry but I’m not interested in finding foolishness.

    Hobosexual: Y’all gay ass faggot sissy bitches. All y’all need to die.


    1. Yoooo we need to unpack this!

      If I had a dollar for every time I saw or heard of a gay man doing things for a straight man way outta his lane I’d be rich!

      It’s not even just straight up giving up money, if you find yourself doing things he’d never ask another straight man to do, you’re likely being used.

      I’ve met so many bodybuilders and guys from the military that literally make a living off gay men just wanting to kiss their muscles lol

      Gay men and fat women with low self esteem are a lifeline for these men

      1. ^you see it with “onlyfans” too.

        i think anyone who sees attractive ANYONE will go the extra mile for them.
        even with straight males and vixens.
        you’ll see any male bend over backwards for a pretty girl.
        i think when you’re attractive,
        you have a lot of pull in society.

        1. Attractiveness is currency, but straight men are often nice to attractive women because they want to fuck or be with them.

          Gay men ingratiate themselves to attractive men just to be in proximity of their attractiveness.

          Like they will legit be buying shit for an attractive dude they have no chance with for some church hugs and the opportunity to stare at him w/o getting their behind kicked or outright rejected.

          1. ^OOOH!

            i never bought anything for a straight wolf.
            they tend to buy shit or help me out.
            my issue is giving my emotional currency.
            that might be worst.

  6. Chile, couldn’t be me. That’s all I know. I ain’t got the attention span of will power to entertain foolishness if it ain’t got a check attached to it.

    1. “The same goes for the Only Fans whores who be catfishing vids for cash.”

      This sentence triggered me because I recently gave $20 to a dude just for him to post videos I could see for free on PH and xvideos…. Smh, it’s what I get for thirsting after attentionistos. #youliveandyoulearn

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