you can tell one thing about the jussie smollett leaks…

this story is on zombie mode at this point.
so all the alleged texts by jussie smollett are getting leaked.
the cpd is definitely not done with him yet.
in this latest batch,
it is pretty obvious what’s happening.
jussie was trying to invite abel,
one of the mandingo warrior wolves,
over for an “erotic massage” but…

…i took this a whole other way.
jussie wasn’t even low wit it.
jussie was plottin’ for that meat.

the language in the texts as a fox are a no-brainer.
it showed that abel wasn’t interested by the responses too.
it could help prove jussie’s innocence.
this could sway the “homophobic” defense much easier.
this part tho:

how did they manage to get that around his neck?

16 thoughts on “you can tell one thing about the jussie smollett leaks…

  1. I’m with whoever said is pissed at Jussie. They gunning to blacklist his ass forever. Think real hard about this. There have been plenty of people who have done worse things and they have never went this far into it. Someone is trying to destroy him with actually killing him

  2. Heard from a friend who heard from a friend that Jussie is into some dark shit. I’m not surprised… unevolved light skinned boys think they’re weak if they don’t have an edge to them.

    1. Yup. I heard the same thing from a friend of a friend of a friend. Supposedly, Messy Jussie likes to parTy and play, pop a few pills, and into some rough BDSM type of mess or something like that.

  3. Damn Jussie 😒 couldn’t you have just had a “hookup gone wrong” situation like Er’ body else & called it a day?!? Lol I joke, but honestly this shit is jus SILLY at this point! Just Got ya business all out for all to see 🥴

  4. The noose makes Jussie look like he’s tryin to sell it too much. What black man is gonna sit with a noose on 40 mins after its place around his neck and wait for a white police to see him in it. Jussie is too woke for that. The way he took it off like a necktie and placed it gently on a table instead of being disgusted and yanking that crap off of him.. throwing it off. No anger. . I’m so sick of this story

    1. I said the same thing. The whole situation does not make sense. the more they put the whole it make jessie look like a fool.

  5. He really pissed off somebody and they ain’t stopping till he is destroyed. What a hot ass mess! Maybe the noose was apart of some role play gay shit. He definitely was tryna get some dick tho lmao

  6. they didnt even go this hard when that olympic dude lied… i guess cause he is clear people

  7. Good looking dude, great career, and you scheming and plotting?? Focus on yourself, let em chase you, not the other way around..

  8. Jamari , none of this should be considered “leaks.”

    The Chicago Police Department released over 70 hours of video related to the Jussie Smollett saga after a special prosecutor was appointed by a judge to reopen the case. It’s a strong possibility that Jussie may be charged again.

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