cardi b don’t want no press where her family is concerned

as celebs,
they do qualify to having some boundaries.
the focus should be on them,
but if their families should be off limit.
cardi b got into an incident with a “univison” reporter.
she asked for that her father not be put on tv and well…

i agree with cardi.
that reporter crossed the line.
she asked for her father not be on camera.
homegirl still violated.
sounds like it was time to cuss her ass out.
my favorite part:

“Excuse me!
Excuse me!”

“Excuse you!”

…and her and that random got into it.

when i tell you i screamed loud af watching that at my desk.
he didn’t care who she was.
she didn’t care if she was on camera either.
she will pop tf off.
she is so hood.
i guess that’s where her charm lies.

lowkey: you know the internet found her father?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “cardi b don’t want no press where her family is concerned”

  1. To be fair her father’s picture was already out there. I dont blame her for being cautious though. I think her father is a cab driver or sumthn like that. So I get it, folks are crazy. Theyll do anything to her father just to they they did something to Cardi B’s father. Also I was shocked at how poised cardi b was in the beginning of the video.

      1. Are y’all really that blind? The only reason why she doesn’t want her dad seen is because he’s not black like she keeps claiming.

        The thing I don’t like about these “rappers” is they feel themselves, you’re not even that famous and you have about ten percent of white peoples wealth. One flop and ur bankroll can stop. She just needs to be humble.

        There are plenty of celebs with better qualifications than her that don’t act a fool if their parents are recorded. Her team has told her to NOT put pictures of her parents out because they are NOT black not even mixed with it.

        1. I’m glad Carter can see right through that BX gutter rat. Dominicans’ self hatred is off the charts! They’re the only ethnicity whom believes their own hype. That’s why I don’t see it for those Dominican attentionistos Jamari posts, they’ll take Black gay money but they’ll never settle down with a Black gay man.

  2. That dingbat needs to have a seat. The reporter is just doing her job. Don’t be defending Cardi. She did what she did and karma is taxing that @$$. This year ain’t over yet though. It’s getting hotter.

    I can’t believe it’s about half done with this year.

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