borrell jr is about to be a pretty busy attentionisto

i haven’t heard the name “borrell jr” in so long.
during his real heavy attentionisto days,
he was a staple within the foxhole.
good times.
well asides from making something he calls “music“,
borrell jr made something else recently too…


am i the only one who cringed?
i heard that maravilla is allegedly having a baby as well.
is maravilla,
who vanished off the face of the ig,
still allegedly dancing in the strip club?

let alone,
his empty ass bedroom?

i’d never suspect these two of having children.
they seem well into chasing dreams and attention.
i read the first year in having a child can cost close to 21k.
( x see it here )
folks are always excited to pop kids out…

Until they realize children cost a lot of money

then it’s “her” making ig posts about:

“How much she hates her ain’t shit baby daddy”

while “he” acts like it was all a dream.
i wish them all the best.
couldn’t be me.

lowkey: last i heard,
maravilla has a whole bounty on that booty.
folks who go to that strip club are trying to pay top dollar.
he ain’t giving it up that easy.

30 thoughts on “borrell jr is about to be a pretty busy attentionisto

  1. they all faggot and love take dick in their ass just like heat steven beck every knoes they love dick and they look at us like we are stupid.gurlll come on

  2. Maravilla has an Instagram.

    Looks like a backup or something. Anyways, There is a kid on there. But his most recent pic looks like he got engaged. Don’t know how true that is. Don’t even know who’s really controlling that IG. His last account was nearing a million followers. Then it disappears? Why start over? Just speaking on what I’ve seen recently.

  3. I wish Borrell, Jr. the best. Echoing the sentiments in the foxhole, I will never date a straight dude period. There are too many attractive gay men of color to fulfill some “heterosexual” fantasy. Judging from statements made by the girlfriend, Borrell, Jr. is in for a bumpy ride with paternity issues.

    1. Ok Johnny…you gotta elaborate on that last part!! LOL
      Borrell may not be the daddy?!

    2. I think the post on here itself alluded to his girlfriend not being happy about the situation. Anyway, no one should be having babies unless they have a stable job. I never have and never will follow any of these guys on social media unless they are truly “family.”

      1. Do these women not see the red flags beforehand? Why bother getting knocked up by these types of dudes? What’s in it for them really?

  4. It’s been a minute since Maravilla was on IG live. I have heard him say that he is in’s school.

  5. I don’t believe in “Gay for Pay”

    If you dick gets hard for a male then you have some king of attraction

    1. Thank you I don’t believe that too you are gay there no gay 4 pay if you have sex with a other man with a dick you are gay

    2. I’m saying. No money in the world could get me turned on to fuck fat women regularly. I don’t know how these “gay for pay” dudes do it with unattractive men. I’m not saying all men who pay are unattractive but many are let’s be real. Especially the ones who pay a lot of money.

  6. Tumblr dried up and the attentionistos realize it’s easier to just knock up some fish and live “normal” lives. I said the same thing in the Deven thread. More of them are realizing that they’re on 14:59:59 of being the hot boy of the moment. A baby mom = a place to crash while they work on their personal training business aka go to the gym 6 hrs a day and not work a job they had to fill out a W-4 for. The kid’s the only one I feel sorry for… they didn’t ask for this.

    What’s the tea on Steven Beck’s little bundle of joy?

    1. Steven has a 6 year old daughter named Nixon.I think JAY was referring to her mother when he mentioned “unassuming,racially ambiguous baby mama” on that Deven post.Steven’s baby mama looks very similar to Deven’s baby mama except her hair is little lighter.

  7. There’s a thread on lspg about these two and a few men there have said that Maravilla still works at the strip club and they’ve paid hm for lap dances. There’s recent pics of him dancing as a gogo boy there too. Some said they paid extra and he allowed them to jerk him off. While I read one guy say that he paid Maravilla to top him.

    To each their own I guess.

    1. Yes I was on ispg too and some people on there say that maravilla has a sugar daddy. That’s real reason he has’t been on ig lately because of his sugar daddy

      1. Yeah he was with some chick and all of a sudden it looked like he ditched her. He accepted my follow request and literally the next day his account was gone (He wasn’t posting much to begin with other than streaming workout vids)

  8. and we all know just bc you have a kid doesn’t mean you’re absolutely str8. they all have a price and somebody somewhere is willing to pay for it eventually. the world is full of dl, bi and gay men who have kids with women on the side and wives. so he may have a kid coming but is it really going to change whatever grind he’s on?

    1. Exactly, cav.

      Sarge, Tiger Tyson, and others in the gay porn game had whole ass wives/girlfriends while they were active in the industry. Sarge is back doing BWN videos.

          1. sarge retired for that gf married life right (side eye) so first bwn which is nothing short of erotic foreplay between damn near naked and naked muscular men. he does still look good though i must say. so how long bf he’s back at dawgpoundusa or papithugz or onlyfans? it won’t be long. the man gave the cakes up for years and enjoyed it.

  9. ^^ Correct straight gay for pay men are a waste of space and time.

    And the rumors are likely true. I’ve seen enough to know that if a man will fuk you on the low while he has wife and kids, he will do so when money is involved.

    I also know that these dudes be online looking like they got major stroke game and either can’t fuk or are power bottoms. He does look pleasing to the eyes..but we should know that having kids is expensive but they love it up during tax season. 🤷‍♂️🙇

  10. I’m never into straight guys or gay-for-pay dudes. He is one of the few guys I’d want to give some ass to to see what he’d do. Disappointed he’s straight. It is what it is. I wish him the best with his family. I do not envy having to pay for those kids. I wonder if the people who were talking about paying for one on ones with him and messin with him were wereing the truth.

    1. Yeah they aren’t for me either.. I like to be desired when I’m having sex. As in I want the guy to want me also. But some guys just want to get their rocks off and fuck their fantasy man so I think that’s why they pay them. Different strokes for different folks *shrugs*

      I don’t knock those who pay but it’s not for me

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