the foxhole is filled with bitter c*m guzzlin’ men?

i had a nasty headache yesterday,
plus been waking up to some weird ass anxiety,
i took a sick day,
but i woke up today to ^this foxmail.
this lurker is very angry over my entry in regards to ( x atl tayh ).

let’s make ^that into a message,
shall we?

in my years of doing this,
i have encountered various forms of nonsense.
some folks have gotten really mad and triggered by my words.
the homophobic wolves were upset because i said they were attractive.
don’t even get me started on the rude gays & straights i’ve encountered.
even if i was neutral about the person,
i’m still getting skull-dragged.

It comes with the territory of being a public figure.

if you want to get your likes up and be noticed by everyone,
it will come with negativity as well.
many people feel like they should only get positive comments only.
their communities do be gassin’.
a vast majority can’t handle hate comments or being picked apart.

People will slaughter you in private group chats.
People will assume you are gay because you take too many selfies.
People will think you are feminine because you show off your body.
People will investigate who you sleep with based on clues you drop.
People will deem you a hoe cause you stood next to someone.

People will drag you for your content whether sexual or uplifting.
People will point out every insignificant thing about YOU.

so if you can’t check your dms and see something like this:

and let it roll off your back,
you might not be cut out for fame.

These cutie patooties that take selfies and work out all day can’t handle when someone(s) doesn’t like them.

if your skin ain’t thick or set up for battle wounds,
don’t even try.

lowkey: folks could not being kim kardashian.
people on social media aspire to be like her.
taking pictures,
getting likes,
and being worshipped.

i’m sure that her dms look like a war zone.
she gets skull dragged and still be like…


some of us get skull dragged and get even more insecure.

7 thoughts on “the foxhole is filled with bitter c*m guzzlin’ men?

  1. Report this messy, misspelling queen to the police, Jamari and if she comes for you again, contact the FBI. Do a full header to find out the original source of the email or speak to a computer professional if it was a DM or SMS text. Those threats are serious so don’t let it slide if you can help it!

  2. I keep forgetting people like this exist. I will allow my fellow ” Bitter CUM GUZLERS” to chime in . [ I have no rebuttal ]

  3. Hunni…. these sissies are sum serious!! Just sad…..just out here using their butt hole as a public bathroom…I can’t with the gurls these days….

  4. “Its on like Donkey Kong”… ooh he a old bitter white man, you can tell from his message. Saying you just like Biden, what Biden have to do with anything?! You should have replied, thanks for the bananas King Kong

  5. This is for writing about AtlTayh?
    These smelly loose butt sissies are so stupid. That messy nessy punk is behind bars where she belongs.
    Butterball Baby Dillard is a ugly used up punk, behind bars still slicking and tricking. I have saw Horace’s fight videos: TIRED. You are protected, Jamari. File a police report for real.

  6. insert Beyonce gasp gif at the comment


    That DM is…horrifying to say the least. It was unintelligible, beyond unhinged and the description of alleged violent actions gives serial killer. I…think you should file a police report. Stay safe Jamari

  7. Wow. First of all, whomever that degenerate was needs to learn how to spell. And go back and take readying and comprehension! Because I had a difficult time trying to read them damn run on sentences, and misspelled words! LOL

    Not to mention their incorrect use of grammar in certain sentences. Wow.

    Ummm…I didn’t even finish reading those messages. Because they were clearly filled with hate and negativity. That’s why therapy is so ever important. Because everyone isn’t going to like you. And whomever this person was or these people are who are getting that bent out of shape, they need to go somewhere and heal!

    Yes, Jamari. Some people cannot take it when they are criticized! Especially when they were the ones who’ve always had people fawning all over them! Well, reality sets in and they see that that’s not how the world works!!! LOL

    Keep it pushin’ Jamari!!!! The haters and clearly shooketh!!! That’s let’s you know you’re doing something right!!!!

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