the fantabulous theatrics of super bothered karen

another day; another emotional karen.
i don’t understand why they won’t leave people alone?
it’s like most of them forget we all have cameras on our phones.
ones that record in streaming HD.
the pretty vixen sent me this video of a karen having a full blown meltdown.

“I have a black husband”?

she ain’t moving like she is getting regular black dick.
unless he is stressing her tf out.
when white vixens start getting black dick,
their walk gets a little lighter and their gestures are a little brighter.
i guess she would use that as her way to not look like a racist.
those theatrics were used to cause a scene.
a white she-jackal acting hysterically brings about the most sympathy.
this other older karen tried it with the gays:


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when will they learn!! and never come between a man and his food!!!

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she quickly learned to sit down,
mind her business,
and eat her food.

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “the fantabulous theatrics of super bothered karen”

  1. That lady with the car who flipped the gentleman off is a basket case.. She’s on or needs some serious medication. If it wasn’t such a serious matter it would be worth a good laugh. I find a lot of these white women believe the hype that they are untouchable and entitled and that everyone should worship at their feet and cater to their whims n fancy. No lie when she flipped out and was hiding her license plate I did have a good laugh..

  2. I strongly believe that there is a “play the victim” gene in white women. That shit has to be hereditary. Now I have to YouTube “Karen’s” getting dragged, to give my mind balance.

  3. So I’ll be the one to say it….

    The woman above is obviously distressed because she saw what was happening and of course panicked. I mean a guy followed her home, recorded her and trying to doxx her because she flipped him off in traffic???

    Bruh, he was doing far too much, especially putting her license out there. She was scared and panicked and rightly so. The woman knows how people will target/ harass her out of a job for fuckin road rage? For flipping someone off?

    NOT ONCE in the video did he mention she called him the “N-word”. He only mentioned that she flipped him off and pulled in front of him. Which would have been the more egregious offense to bring up on camera? He’s looking clownish going up in her face like that as if he’s justified and at the same time he’s trying to peddle his merch now that he’s got some eyes on his page????

    The woman is also a raging democrat, big Biden and BLM supporter/ donor. She’s not the enemy and looks like she is (or was) a massive ally, but hope he enjoyed his moment and ruining her life in the process.

    1. I’m also going to point out that the guy filming also voted for Trump….. (start at 3:25 in the video)

      I’ve seen him in the cut video and wasn’t much of a fan but this doesn’t endear me to him any further.

    2. “NOT ONCE in the video did he mention she called him the “N-word”. He only mentioned that she flipped him off and pulled in front of him. Which would have been the more egregious offense to bring up on camera?”

      At the 8:22 mark he did mention that she called him the n-word. So you are wrong. If you are going to criticize him at least get the facts correct.

      1. He’s not mentioning it to her. It’s not a grievance he brings up in the argument. It’s an after-the-fact thing to a bystander and the only thing he says to her is the brake-check/ flipping off.

        He even later recounts the story step-by-step what she did to him to her face and didn’t mention her saying the word. She brake-checked, flipped him off, sped off. And his entire argument then on focused on the flipping off. Why not say that she called him the word there?

        It’s not his first time doing this either making that same claim but not to the person who allegedly said the word or in the presence of the person who said it.

        This is also the same dude that said police were justified in the shooting of Philando Castile. It’s not passing the smell-test, but he’s capitalizing on it regardless.

        1. He still mentioned it. So again you are wrong. NOT ONCE as you stated. And I don’t know anything about the man or woman in the video. I don’t follow people on the internet.

          1. Don’t know much about dude, so I can’t comment on his alleged clout chasing antics. Although I personally wouldn’t have followed anyone, which I find OD. I especially at this time,
            Have very little compassion for white people. For centuries we’ve been followed, harassed and murdered. If she did refer to him as a N word, and flicked him off She should be glad at the minimum, he’s just recording her.

    3. Actually he DID say she called him the N Word..glisten to the video..No sympathy here from me. Black people feel distressed every rass Clatt effing day because of thsir mico aggressiin.

      1. I agree, even though overall I’m still siding with him, I’m not gonna lie I think he’s capping about being called a nigger. A racial slur prevails over getting the finger. He made getting flicked off the focal point, and being called a nigger secondary. Kinda sus.

  4. I have sympathy for the second video. That “Karen” shouldn’t be bothering people just enjoying their food.

    The first clip is too much. The lady flicked him off and cut him off. That sucks, but to follow her home is inappropriate. I doubt he would have followed a white male home.

    It sucks, but not every grievance needs to be this big thing. Just let it go.

  5. Karlos, really? There is a difference between road rage and being racially attacked. He pulled up in a clown car. He more pissed she flipped him off. If anything I would have pulled in my garage and closed the door. You mad because she flipped you off; grow some balls. What was the purpose of following her home and telling people she flipped you off but wait for a statement to say she called you the “n-Word”.

    THIS is Jussie 2.0

  6. Now Jonathan, that’s being attacked. You asking somebody to wear a mask while they are eating but at the same time, your husband is doing the same thing. How are you supposed to eat with a Face Mask on? That’s being racially attacked because she clearly chose them instead of talking to her husband. If it wasn’t racial, you pick to say something because they may be gay? Its either she was bothered because they were gay or black or both, its funny how they want to use safety as their cover up for their ignorance.

    1. She probably felt so entitled she wasn’t able to see herself n her husband but she quickly saw what they were doing.. Although I empathize with her and the need to wear a mask, under the circumstances I would simply have read to her a dictionary of Jamaican bad words and bid her farewell.

  7. I don’t understand how some of you in this thread, seem to flip the script and villainize dude after he was racially attacked by that woman? He has/had every right to record the aftermath and confront her because if left undone, she would do it to the next black person. Now she will think twice about disrespecting people for whatever reason.

  8. When you make a statement that someone called you a racist remark, you don’t keep that quiet in your video to prove they made the remark. His only claim in the video and from his own mouth, he was only mad she flipped him off. That’s road rage, not racism. When you expose somebody that has a lot of consequences now. People are losing their entire life. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody even if they are racist but that’s the Karma that is being dealt to them. When he made a statement, he quietly brought up she made a racist remark. The evidence he presented said she flipped him off. Where is she being racist by defending her personal information. If somebody is being racist, you lead with that on video and get them to admit it. Not focus on them flipping you off. The way he pulled up on her was a clear sign on Road Rage.

    I get it, he was trying to not let her get away with what she did but his delivery was all wrong. If that was a courtroom, there was no evidence from his video she did something racist. He even said to somebody else, “she flipped me off”.

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