we gotta start canceling people who out people.
it is absolutely disgusting and triggering.
daniel lee bellomy,
who plays zeke on powerbook 2,
was pressed over his sexuality on a random no-name podcast.
it was a very uncomfortable interview that went like this…

first of all,
why does this dusty care so much?
did he see one of daniel’s sex scenes and wants a piece?
i guess he wanted to be controversial and he doesn’t care:


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now he is using this alleged outing to gain clout off daniel’s back.
i never liked it when wendy and the rest did it and i don’t like it now.
that behavior is unacceptable.
some straight black males are homophobic but curious at the same time.
weird shit.

I’ll never forget being like Daniel in a past situation.
It is really triggering because you feel so exposed.

 daniel gotta work on how he responds to this tho.
after this,
he is going to be a target.
his initial response would raise eyebrows tbh.
how he responded didn’t have a lot of confidence behind it.
he was unsure of himself.
a smart-ass response would have shut that down.

“Why do you wanna know?
Are you interested?
You aren’t my type bruh.”
Insert fake laugh after but it really means:

if the host still decided to go on about it,
daniel could have started dragging him.
there is a lot to drag tbh.
folks gotta start being responding like this:

even this madonna had some good responses with reporters:

i like that daniel is getting support tho.
daniel isn’t out here being problematic.
he is a new actor on a popular show.
unless he wants us to know,
he shouldn’t be dragged out of the closet.

lowkey: some of ya’ll love canceling folks over celebs and randoms,
but will keep your cancelation cards over something like this.
one thing i’ll say is white gays will have someone like that tf outta here.


  1. Jamari… that gif of zeke saying this some
    Bull sh**t was perfect. That should have been his response 🤣🤣😂😂

  2. Ummm did this not happen to him on the show? He should have been better prepared especially because it just played out on Power. Not sure I believe he is this naive to not handle this interview.

  3. I really felt for Daniel Bellomy. I wish wish wish he had someone to prep him for BS like this, so he could have said, “My private biz is my private biz but you seem really interested. Are you trying to step to me? Do you want to get in my pants or my bed? Is that why you’re going so hard on these questions?” Of course the host probably would have felt embarrassed and gotten all into a huff, but turn this crap back on people like if you’re DL and not ready to come out. Then Bellomy might have said I like men/I like men and women/I’m open to people no matter what the sex, but sorry, I’m not into you.

  4. this is unfortunately the problem with just anybody getting into this type of career without a degree in it. You have a person that doesn’t truly know what they are doing pressuring somebody into a “confession” to go viral in the hopes that their nothing of a podcast will become a top topic.

  5. While QueenzFlip is an out of shape weirdo, Zeke is a grown ass man fumbling over his words and shaking in his boots, by a question he should have known would come up especially in today’s toxic “black (fake) alpha male podcast” environment.

    These newcomers need to take a few class in public speaking and media training before being eligible for their SAG card. Another option would’ve just to leave!

    1. Imagine coming for an interview about your acting then being railroaded about your supposed heterosexuality or lack thereof. Let’s see how much grace you’d have…

  6. The interviewer likes him, no man is so pressed about another man’s sexuality! I hated his response, I would have quickly shut his ass down! And so many hurtful comments coming from the black community always downing one another. No wonder we always struggle.

  7. Why do people always trying to hurt someone else’s life!! Make sure you have your nose clean!! PERIOD

  8. That Interviewer is a Pure , Nasty Fat Fuck!!!!! [ Yeah , I said it and sometimes I don’t want to be politically correct]

    His “Black is not beautiful” !!!!

    I hate people like this..

    How dare he do this brother like this .. Its none of his Fuckin Business.

  9. This is why journalism and communication degrees are so important. A real journalist would have picked up the social ques and moved on. Instead we have dusties with podcasts and no resume trying to get clicks and views by being salacious and disrespectful. With his “have you ever been with a woman” line of questioning, honestly, it feels like the dusty ass interviewer may have had his tea before hand and was trying to out him.

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