i ain’t even gonna cap but:


i’m not talmbout “godfather” marlon.
i’m talmbout “a streetcar named desire“-era marlon:

if i met a dude right now that looked and acted like marlon in this movie….
Jesus help him cause i’m taking him for a ride.

“ask me if i give a damn cause i don’ttttttttttt.”
it seems like the late marlon took down many celebs in his prime too.
a tiktok revealed who became a body in his contact list…

i still can’t get over marvin gaye.
the “gaye” was actually real.

according to marlon per the daily mail:

Marlon Brando changed the way actors thought about their craft, but The Godfather star was never beloved because he was a rebel who thumbed his nose at Hollywood.

His real passion was for social justice, women and sex.

‘When I awake in the morning, the first thing I think about is, ‘Who am I going to f*ck today’? — even if there was a woman sleeping beside him’, writes author William J. Mann in The Contender, The Story of Marlon Brando, published by Harper.

Brando needed different girlfriends for different days of the week.

He slept with the wives of his friends, parked his car around the corner, scaled the fence and snuck in the back way – believing married women were even more exciting to pursue.

He’d say he’d be faithful but he never could stop his tom-catting. But Brando didn’t restrict himself to women.

And he wasn’t a guilt-ridden homosexual but utterly at ease with sleeping either sex.

‘Let’s say sex has no sex’, Brando later stated acknowledging sex with men.

oh so he was community.
anyone could get that dick apparently.

he had relations with:

Jackie Kennedy
Marylin Monroe
Jackie Collins
Rita Moreno
Shelley Winters
Heidi Fliess
James Baldwin
Cary Grant

…and i’m sure more on his hit list.
( x see more details on his hit list here )

Marlon allegedly liked ( x suckin on black peen too )

i think a male who embraces his bisexuality,
and doesn’t gaf is always sexy.

doesn’t gaf isn’t being rude or anti-social.
it’s playing by your own rules and being rebellious.
that brings about confidence and charisma that some don’t execute well.

for me,
that has always been sexy to me.
they know how to make you feel like you’re the only person in the world.
marlon had a sex appeal that would be appealing tbh.
i’m sure he was charming af with the intense eye contact in person too.

i think the type of sexy i like doesn’t translate well on socials.
i’m starting to see many of these pretty bois aren’t sexy.
they are just pretty and that’s okay.
i feel like you get the full jist of someone in real life tbh.
i feel that’s where i have the most luck with males tbh.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Lol it was known that Marvin Gaye was a freak and had sex parties. He even tried to share his girlfriend with a make friend of his. Richard Pryor spoke about his past before too. Now imagine the folks he slept with behind the scenes. Marlon was handsome in his prime lawd lol

    1. ^ marlon was everything.
      marvin was a freak from what you are fonting.

      some of the best tea is from this era of film and tv.
      they had the best stories of their sex lives,
      and the murders.

  2. I knew about Richard. Richard was dicking Marlon down. I can believe Marvin Gaye cause that would explain why his father killed him. Quincy tho, Marlon must got that gawk gawk special.

  3. Sexuality is vast. I hate that ppl of his age had to be sooo closeted, but I hate more that we’re still doing it.

    1. It was called discreet. People need to learn the definition. What you do behind close doors is your business and not the world.

        1. Don’t mind Ken, Normie. Ken will be 65, bringing his “roommate” to Thanksgiving thinking “nobody knows. I don’t do too much like Lil Nas X”. Let him be old and delusional.

  4. Marlon could “get it “!

    I have always found him to have this rare undeniable attraction that men & women [ that normally don’t mess around] could not pass up.

    Marlon Brandon is that male species that transcends race and sexuality.

    With the exception to Richard Pryor , all the Actors were Dates themselves. ( In my personal opinion )

  5. Remember, Quincy Jones was putting all that out there like a year or two ago. Everybody was Marlon was getting down with.So it’s not surprising in the least. And many of them have been confirmed by people who knew them.

  6. Marlon Brando was at the peak of his beauty during Streetcar Named Desire. He loved sex but I wonder whether even he was like WHOA dealing with Vivian Leigh, who was allegedly one of the major nymphomaniacs ever to hit Hollywood.

    Just a few years later, chile…well, that beauty was gone, though that acting talent did continue.

  7. Wow I am late to this Hollywood Party. Marvin Gaye whoa as much as I have read about old school celebrities, I have never heard anything like this about him, or Marlon Brando for that matter. I heard a rumor or too about Brando but never really followed up, now this got me in research mode LOL. The more you know. There is truly nothing new under the Sun.

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