Tears of a Clown

“jamari check the calendar.
we have a meeting at 4pm today.
the vp and “liar liar” are also meeting with us.” my boss.

oh jesus.
that is when i felt the butterflies in my stomach that wanting to escape out my butt…

the meeting today was to discuss what happened friday.
i saw liar liar today on random occasions,
but she tried her best to avoid me.
thats okay bitch.
wasn’t trying to talk with you anyway.
the vp wanted more than what my receipts showed.
she wasn’t convinced that her assistant fucked up.
she was pissing me off to be quite honest.
like what more did this chick want?

we all sat in one of the smallest conference rooms.
liar liar had her poker face on her face.
i looked refreshed with a smile on my face.
i wasn’t going to act like a typical hoodrat in an office setting.
my boss and the vp took turns speaking about what happened.
after i spoke on what took place,
being honest,
liar liar was next.
annnnnnnnnnnd thats when the water works started.
643she started bawling.
 i rolled my eyes.
she also acted like she didn’t remember anything she did.
my boss wasn’t impressed while the vp looked sympathetic.
i think she is a sociopath.
all in all,
she got a verbal warning and a tissue.
i also got a verbal warning for some reason.
i wanted her punishment to be much stronger for my own selfish reasons.
hell is it selfish or for my reputation to be avenged?
now i’m going to be on “watch” because of her.
keep the bitch away from me.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Tears of a Clown”

  1. Don’t know why but when you blog about this event that took place I get so upset and angry I just want to mail you that pink pearl pistol!!!!! So you can bust them caps in her knee caps!!!!! >_< why I get so mad!

  2. What did you get a verbal warning for? From what I understand, you did nothing wrong. Was that just so the bosses could say that they were “equal” to you and to liar-liar? Since you are on probation, you might want to have a verbal conversation with your boss to assure you that your “verbal warning” was nothing of the sort and just to make things “equal” for you and liar-liar. Once you get that verbal assurance with your boss, write yourself a memorandum to document what happened, when, persons present, what was said, etc. and do that immediately. Protect your ass!

    In the future, be sure to document significant events on the job. You can keep such documentation to yourself (including by sending yourself emails) or by sending emails to your boss. However, if you are to fastidious in doing so, you might be marked as litigious or not a team player, etc. and documenting things can take “too much” of your time and the time of others. So be careful. Last week it was liar-liar trying to sink your boat. Who knows when or who will launch torpedoes at it this week or next. Protect your ass!

    Let us know that you have done so.

    1. I agree 100 percent with Dean’s comment above, be careful and protect yourself this lying bitch seems to be out for blood.

  3. Be careful with women because they are troublemaker.
    But damn I wish someone would smack the shit out of that bitch.
    The woman better be careful because we live in a society where you make an enemy you might not live tomorrow and the way it seem she’s making a lot of enemies and she better be careful. What comes around goes around.

  4. Like Lindo said. Karma is a bitch. She’ll get hers.

    It’s a shame tho. You only been at this job a few months and already some shady shit is going down. That just makes me smh at some adults and their behavior. She couldn’t wait until you worked there for at least a year or two before she started some drama.

    Again, don’t trust any of em. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. It’s opened your eyes sooner rather than later. Hell, who am I kidding? Some people are just heartless whores that don’t care who they screw over in the end. Oh mentally unstable asses.

  5. This is a BOUGHT LESSON!

    When you pas fully into grown man territory (over 25) females no matter their ethnicity project their insecurities and bullshit onto you if you are a man who has or displays no sexual interest in them, ESPECIALLY IN THE WORKPLACE.

    A black man who no sexual agenda is PURE COMPETITION to women. Never forget that we exist in a male-dominated social and economic construct, and all things being equal, women perceive us to maintain an advantage as a male -even if we’re same gender loving.

    I went through a similar situation with a sister who turned into a hellish terror when she finally believed me when I consistently told her that I was not interested (never mind that she looks like Cedric The Entertainer wearing a Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” wig).

    I keep it short with females in the corporate space, because they pull this kind of shit and try to interrupt the cash flow. They will do shit to a brother that white supremacy has conditioned them to not even think about doing to a white colleague. Self-hating crabs-in-a-barrel type shit that will make you believe for a minute that the charges would be worth it.

    The older I get, the more weary of females I have become, because the thirst for attention and dick fucks with their heads and self-confidence when a singe, educated and well put together man DOES NOT EXPRESS SEXUAL INTEREST IN THEM. Egos get shattered, and insecurities come to the fore.

    Leave that bitch for dead, and keep on living!

  6. Smh. I hate people like her. Pushed in a corner and they only line of defense is to cry. She can have several.

    1. Ricky Bobby, and you woulda been fired in the conference room! Jamari has to take care of business and protect himself without being perceived in a wrong or threatening way and still get his work done. He has to be smart!

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