That Time of Year Again (Ratchet)

xmashair-e1353391935873you smell that?
you don’t smell it?
take a good whiff.
  that’s it.
that is the smell of the return of “ratchet mondays” on vh-1.
clearly lhhny never gets it right.
my favorite of the series,
love and hiphop atl,
is back for season 3 and you gotta peep this ratchet mess of the trailer…

kirk wants a paternity test for rasheeda
mimi and nikko making christian mingle videos for sale
scrappy knocking up some bird brain
…and waka flocka joins the fuckery?

2321let me get myself nice and comfy for the premiere on may 5th.
you know i enjoy the drama of the lower class.
atl does that oh so well.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “That Time of Year Again (Ratchet)”

  1. I’m so tired of these people. I actually had a hard time remembering their names at first. Now it’s all come back to me. Oh LAWD!

    They got footage of Benzino in the hospital. Damn, that shit just happened late last month.

  2. I want to see the porn video of Mimi and Nikko. I saw the trailer and Nikko has a really nice body and dick.

    1. I’m surprised MiMi did that video.Doesn’t she still have that cleaning business? She didn’t have to stoop to doing porno.I guess that’s why she got the boob job for her porn debut.I will watch it but I won’t buy it 🙂 I stick to free porn.

      1. Maybe it not doing good? Pero isn’t funny how this video is “leaked” at the same time the preview for LHHNY came out? And the camera looks too good if you know what I mean. Like selfmade porns don’t have that good kind of quality.

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