1st Round

A sexual short starring Jamari Fox

I couldn’t believe it. My dream had finally come true. I was sitting in the front seat in a all black Range with a fine ass black man in the driver’s seat. Not just any fine ass black dude (because Lord knows I have been with a few) but this one was different. Very very different….

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Hood Love

A Sexual Short starring Jamari Fox

It was hot.

I am talking about a blazing summer day. When it gets hot in the city, you can feel it. It is a different kind of hot especially the hood. You feel steam literally in your lungs. Everyone either shuffles outside or stays inside and make love to their A/C. I decided to leave my wonderfully A/C-less apartment and go to the corner store for a Popsicle.

As I walked up to the bodega, I noticed a fine, tanned, light skinned dude standing with his equally fine boy. I was more concerned with Mr. Light Skin because by his look, he was more my flava. He was wearing a white T, light denim shorts, and some hot dunks. No tattoos or anything extra but just being fine.  He did the unimaginable – he gave me a head nod and then licked his lips.

“Oh, we got a winner.” I said to myself as I smiled back at him and gave him a head nod.

I walked in the store and went into the back where the ice cream was. As I was digging through the freezer, I felt someone standing behind me. I pulled out a blue phallus shaped Popsicle and turned around. I was face to face with Mr. Light Skin. We stared at each other for a hot minute. I noticed he was sweating. Was it because of me or this heat?

“What’s up shawty?” He asked.

That kills me because I was the same height as him. How am I his “shawty”? I liked it nonetheless.

“I am hot.” I replied, biting my lip.

“That you are.” He said, licking his perfectly sculpted pink lips.

He followed me up to the register and offered to pay for my snack. I let him. I am not going to turn down a free meal. As we both walked out, he gave his boy a nod and continued to walk with me.

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