He Invites Me Over…

When I get to his building, I look for his last name on the directory.

“Who dis?” his deep voice rumbled out from the speaker couple seconds later.

“J.” I replied.

The glass door clicks and I walk inside. It was pretty hood, I won’t lie. I mean, I can’t talk because I live in the ghetto my damn self. But I’m in the deep part of the hood. Somewhere in the further parts of the 100 streets. He better be worth it. I walk into the open elevator and press 9. The doors close and I exhale.

Will he like me?

I asked myself as I looked up at the flashing elevator light above me. I was nervous. I never felt this nervous before about meeting a dude but for some reason, I was today. He seemed like he was interested in me during our chat conversations but you never know. Dudes are funny.

The elevator opens.

I walk out and walk towards his apartment. It smells like food. Indian. No, maybe Spanish. Whatever. I knock on his door and I wait. I want to run but my legs have a life of their own.

He opens it.

We look at each other in the eye. His eye brow goes up. I think he likes what he sees. I smile. He does too. I am comfortable.

He is a little taller than me. About 6`0. Nice build. Looks good with clothes on. Light brown skin. Heart shaped face. Skinny mustache on top of these big fat juicy lips. Little goatee. Short fade. Arm has a couple tats. One thing I noticed was his nose. It was rather big. I like big noses. I am weird.

He invites me inside.

His apartment was rather small. It wasn’t messy but you could tell a dude lived here. I sat on the couch. He walked into the back.

“Nice butt.” I thought to myself. He was sagging. He was wearing plaid boxers. I wonder what they would look like on the floor?


I am not as nervous anymore. He walks back out and asks me if I want something to drink.


He goes into the kitchen. He brings the water back, all while smiling at me. He has a gap between his front teeth. It suits him. He isn’t perfect.

“You found it okay?” He asks, sitting next to me, leg touching mine.


He smiles. I smile back. I sip on my water. I want to kiss his lips. They are so big. I hope he is a good kisser. I like to kiss. I look at his hands. They are pretty large. I imagine them cupping my butt cheeks. I smile to myself. I look at him.

“So whats up?” He asks.

“You tell me.”

“I mean you sexy as hell boo.”

“Thank you.”

He moves a little closer.

“You smell good. Whatchu wearing?”

“Issey Miyake.”

“I like it.”

I lean forward until my nose is on his neck.

“You smell good too.”

“Oh is that right?”


“What does it smell like?”


He smirked. I smiled. Comedic timing perfect. Good Jamari. I keep eye contact with him. He doesn’t break it with me.

“So whats up?” his voice lowers.

He is pretty damn sexy.


“Come here.” He motions for me to get closer.

I obey. His nose is suddenly on my neck and his lips follow with a wet kiss. I moan and feel myself shake. His tongue starts making warm circles on my neck.

“Damn.”I choke.

He is sucking on my piece of my neck at this point. I could hear the skin smack as he lets it out his mouth.

“You like that?”

“Of course I do.”

He continues to flick his tongue against my neck. He then uses it against my ear lobe. That is my spot. How dare he?I pull away and look at him with bedroom eyes. He does the same.

“Lay back.”

I obey. He gets ontop of me. I spread my legs so he can lay in between. He continues to suck on my neck. I run my hands up and down his back. He isn’t as muscular as I thought but his body feels solid. He starts grinding into me.

“I want to fuck you.” He says, breathing heavy.

“I want you to fuck me.”

He bites on my chin. He sits up and pulls his shirt off. I start to unbutton mine. He doesn’t have a 6 pac but his body looks good. His arms are so fucking huge. He slides his jeans off. There goes those plaid boxers. His dick is hard. I can see the outline. I smile.

“Hurry boo.” He slides his hands inside his boxers to grab on his dick.

“Sorry. Just looking at your sexy ass.” I un-buckle my belt.

I stand up and slide just my jeans off. He grabs me from behind and starts sucking on my earlobe. He holds me tight. He pulls my boxers down and….

To Be Continued.
Written by Jamari Fox.
9-9-09: Copywritten.

Author: jamari fox

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