ASS – ociates.

I love my friends.
I have great friends.
They say you should count your friends on only one hand.
Well I can count mine on two.

I been blessed.

I have alot of associates.
A  million of em.
I have alot of idiots who say the stupidest things and then wonder why I put them on auto-block.

Lets talk about this one in particular.

So tonight,
I was catching up with my associate and we were having a nice chat.
I mentioned during the end of the convo that “I cannot wait until my football player comes” as a joke but shit, I feel Ima get my football player. Speak it out loud if you want it. I am going to pray for the best and hope the situation presents itself.

This momofocka gonna tell me “Good luck with that”?

I was a lil thrown off because I expected a little optimism.
I have said it in front of friends and it was all gravy.
They know how I roll.
I, in turn, replied that I have faith and I get hit with “keep that“.


so first thing: it sounds like you are bitter? Why am I feeling that?
I want a damn football player and if that is my dream man,
dammit, Ima put the right energy out there to attract it.
I keep a very faith based system and I have patience.
Even if I do not get a football player,
at least I stay optimistic.

that is a crime amongst people.

My faithful readers…

Do you have people around you like that?

Just not supportive of your situation?

Yet, you support everyone and keep them motivated?

I have many dreams and fantasies.
Alot of people’s “dreams” started out as dreams but they pursued and got what they wanted.
What? Because I am gay I have to fit in this tiny box where the pickings are slim? Like gay men are only limited to one set or what we see on television?

I know tons of fellow bottoms who have/are messing with men in the industry. Whether it is sports or entertainment, they got their foot in the door and got access to all the men that they wanted.
Look at Terrance Dean.
He wrote a damn book about it.

(Shout out to Terrance.)

Maybe I am being overly sensitive.
Maybe I am being an asshole.
Maybe I need to screen my calls more often.
Either way: I hate that shit.
I hate people who don’t believe in anything or anything you are trying to accomplish. Because YOU can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t. I stay fighting for more.

And funny enough,
I always get what I want and then others want to be all up in my face like I am Gandhi or some shit. All because I remained hopeful and kept faith as #1.

Come the fuck on now.

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