Forbidden Fruit

Blackberry starts ringing.

I look down at it and I see he is calling … again.
I mean, this nigga has been blowing up my phone ever since we messed around the first time.
I won’t even lie because it was … tha bomb.
He fucked me damn near retarded.
Dick from a straight acting REAL ass man.
Nothing better.
But, there is one thing that is bothering me.
One thing that is on my mind.
He is my girl’s man.
No good.

“Jamari!” Shondra said, walking up to me like a giddy school girl, “I want you to meet Jerome.”

I smiled and gave Jerome dap.

“Whattup dude,” I said, “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too my dude” Jerome said, with this deep ass voice that made my booty THROB.

Jerome was sexy. I won’t even lie. I was kinda jealous. He was about 5`11 with a medium athletic build. Caramel complexion. Nice low Caesar fade. He had a tattoo going up his arm and he had these pretty pink ass lips. I wish I could meet a nigga on the low that looked like that. I would probably have him chained to my bed.

That whole night at this get together, I noticed Jerome checking me out. I mean, he was staring at me like I had “Fuck Me” written on my forehead. I would smile at him and look away. That was my girl’s man. I couldn’t be attracted to him … even though I was. But that would be wrong. Right?

I got up and went to the bathroom. When I was coming out, Jerome was standing at the door. The look he was giving me was lethal. This nigga is on the low. I know he is. He cannot be straight.

“Whats up?” I asked, walking up out the bathroom.

He said nothing but hand me his cell phone. I knew the deal. I put my number in it and kept it moving back to the living room.

I watched Jerome and Shondra interact and they seemed to be clicking. The way he touched her. The way she smiled at him and griped his waist. You can tell she was feeling him heavy. But, during all that, he would be checking me out. Licking his lips and smiling.

I can’t. I needed that.

After the get together ended, I was looking for a ride home. Everyone had packed cars and no more room for little ol me. It’s cool. I’ll catch a cab.

“Babe, we have room!” Shondra yelled, “you can ride with us!”

Oh shit.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Naw kid, I don’t mind.” Jerome interjected.

Dammit. I really wanted him to say no. I was trying to be good but if I saw that “look” one more time, I would have exploded.

“Thanks man.” I said, I didn’t really want to pay for a cab at this point.

When we got outside, we walked to his ride and DAMN, it was the shit. It was an all black Chrysler 300 with some nice ass rims and tinted windows. Fine and nice ride? I hope the dick is the same.

Bad Jamari.

“Baby, he lives Uptown.” Shondra said, putting on her seatbelt.

I told him my address and dammit …

“Oh you close to my crib.” He said, “Shondra, I’ll drop you off first.”

“Aight boo.” Shondra said.

I sat back and felt chills going up my arms. I had no intentions of fucking tonight. I did not even prepare the booty but I may have to. I know this classic line. Take her home and then take me home. He wasn’t fooling anyone.

As we drove, Shondra was telling me how they met and how long they have been together. He said a few “Yeahs” and “Rights” but was focused on getting her home. I felt some guilt come over me but … damn, he is sexy.

“Aight boo, thank you.” Shondra said, giving him a kiss.

I got out and gave her a hug.

“Call me.” She said to me, walking towards her building.

“Okay.” I said, as I got into the passenger seat.

Here we go.

It was relatively quiet as he drove to drop me home. I won’t lie, I was nervous. I could not think of anything to say until…

“You smoke?” He asked.

“I use too but I quit.”


I continued to look out the window, avoiding his sexy ass eyes. That would have caught me hook, line, and sinker.

“You drink?” He asked.

“Yeah I do.”

“Aight good.” He said, stopping in front of a liquor store.

He got out and went inside. After a few minutes, he was out with a brown bag and smoking a Black N Mild cigar.

“How long you know Shondra?” He asked, pulling off.

“Not long. Probably a year or so. I met her through some friends.”

“Ya’ll close like that?”

“I mean, we see each other at events and get togethers but we ain’t buddy buddy and shit.”

“Aight cool. I don’t need that.”

I mean, that’s it? That is all he was going to ask me? These DL niggas are something else.

“You seem official. ” He said, pulling a pull of the cigar, “sexy little bottom shawty.”

“I could be a top, my dude.” I said.

He laughed, almost choking.

“Naw, I know a nigga who get fucked when I see one.”

I do not know if I should have been flattered or insulted.

“I know one thing though,” He said, looking at me dead in my eyes, as he stopped for the light, “you look like you got some good shit in them jeans for a slim nigga.”

I smirked and turned away.

Ok, now I was flattered.

We talked about random shit on the drive Uptown. I learned that he started talking to Shondra after meeting her in the club. He only fucked her twice but she holds out on the pussy. She hasn’t given him head yet. He is still fucking with his ex while talking to her. He gets alot of pussy. He only fucked one dude in his whole D/L life but got head from a couple off BGC. He said they were too feminine to rock with further. He never fucked a dude while with Shondra. He said Shondra was cool but she was too needy. He also let me know he sells drugs, hence the nice car.

Typical negro, right?

“I am crazy DL though.” He said, looking at me with stern ass eyes.

“What you think? I’m going to be asking to chill with you?” I asked.

“I mean, you cool but I want to get to know you on a low tip.”

“I am not that kind of nigga to walk up to you in the street. I got you pa.”

“Good cause you can’t trust these niggas that get down. Ready to tell a nigga business.”

“Naw. I hate that shit.”

He pulled up to my building.

“Can I come up?” He asked, putting the car in park and leaning back.

“Yeah I want you too.”

“Aight.” He smiled and started to look for a park.


“But wha?”

“I am not… prepared to fuck right now.”

He squinted his eyes and then let out a laugh.

“Oh I get it shawty. How much time you need?”

“Give me an hour or so. I’ll text you.”

“Aight baby, I got you.” He said, poking his lips out. I wanted to kiss them right there.

I got out the car and went up to my apartment. I was ready for some of that dick.

Let me get my situation together….

To Be Continued.

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

July 14th, 2009 @ 8 pm.

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